TP-LINK TL-WN721N didn't work

Hello, guys.

Just wanted everybody to know that the TP-LINK TL-WN721N did not work with my Live Hub.  FYI.



Did your adaptor have a version or revision number. The one tested by WD did not have one.

TP-Link Wireless N USB adapter TL-WN721N Not Listed*

*If your Wireless adapter has a revision number on the box, the product may be a newer revision than what was validated and may not work. The tested device did not have a version number listed for the hardware on the box or the device. Wireless suppliers have a history of changing the actual hardware (the electronics design and chip), but keeping the model numbers the same and adding a revision level on the box and/or the device.

Are you running with the latest firmware.

I remember looking at the box at least twice.  There were a couple of numbers there but nothing which says about revision number.  Looking at the dongle itself, I see only the S/N.

I had the same experience with the TL-WN721N. The version is 1.8. I’m using wd TV Live Plus w/ firmware 1.04.10_B. hope this helps. It’d be great if the next firmware update supported this version of the TL-WN721N