TOXIC "rubber" smell from an External WD elements 4TB drive!

Recently i bought an WD ELEMENTS 4TB external hard drive and… surprise!!! i immediately noticed the the smell that came from the case!

A closer inspection reveals that the problem could not be the PLASTIC of the case, but the RUBBER protecting the HD from bouncing!!! That “neoprene” like rubber that comes from “china” has that well known TOXIC? smell…

I believe this is due to inferior manufacturing, probably to save costs. There is no other explanation… Now, i’m i going to return an external drive because of smell? I own 8 EXTERNAL WD drives, NONE of them has this TOXIC? components.

I know this smell from inferior MADE IN CHINA products, ones i avoid like hell! THIS IS NONSENSE WD!!

Other reports: Malaysian made drives noisier than Thailand made?

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