Touble using WD My Cloud on new Samsung S4

Ok, this is mainly an S4 problem because it affects multiple apps, but Samsung was no help so I am coming here.  I previously had My Cloud App on my HTC EVO with no problems.  I have had it installed on my S4 for about a month and had issues for about the last week.  What it does (or doesn’t do is more appropriate) is I have access remotely to my WD My Book Live through 3g, 4g, and WiFi and see all of my files just fine.  I can open any picture located on My Book Live remotely on my S4 just fine as well.  However, when I attempt to open a music file (MP3) on an album for example, the player screen opens, pauses, then skips to the next track, then the next, then the next, etc. without ever playing any music.  I still have my EVO and I can open and play music just fine on that device through WiFi.  If I try to play a video (mp4) the video appears to load, but then gives me the message unable to play video.  After mutliple attempts of resetting the phone, clearing phone cashe, clearing app cache, and finally reloading app, I can get the app to play music and video just fine for a day or so, then it locks up again.  The interesting thing is there is also an app (the music app that came on my S4) that has the ability to network through WiFi on a local network.  When I am home and I have issues with the My Cloud App, I also cannot use the music app to access music on other devices on my network (including My Book Live).  I know like I said this is an issue with the S4, but I was hoping that someone smart on what is actually going to when the file is streaming over can help me with this because that seems to be the issue.  Thanks in Advance.



Could it be possible that you have virus on your phone?

You can try setting the mobile access again on the S4 also performing a factory restore on your phone.

I don’t think so.  Its very little use.  I know I can always do a factory restore but would rather avoid that.

…I can get the app to play music and video just fine for a day or so, then it locks up again

it work 24 hours, right? Have you configured your NAS network options manually or automatically? Every 24 hours you got a new IP address from your provider. Manually network option don’t work in this way, only automatic.