Totally Useless bit of kit. Scans whole drive everytime I add something and takes a week to scan

To say the My Cloud is a [Deleted] is an understatement.

After the fiasco with the v4 firmware, this drive just seems to be going from bad to worse.

First it would let me access via Windows Explorer, after weeks of trying to deal with that it just corrected it self and now I can.

But now, whenever I add one item of data to the drive, whether it be a 1MB picture or a 10GB video file, the thing scans the whole drive, which takes about a week (3TB loaded) before any new or previous content is accessible to play on any DLNA device.

It hasn’t reported the capacity for god knows how long and is slow transferring content (full cat6 Gb Ethernet, router, PC).

I really don’t care if this is trolling or anything else, if there is anyone reading this that is looking to buy the My Cloud DON’T. My next bonus I will be pulling the drive, buying a few more and then buying a decent NAS that actually works.

I will be taking this enclosure out side and smashing it up with a hammer. I would have to pay someone to take it off my hands it that bad and just lobbing it in the bin is far to satisfying.

Try it:  Debian Wheezy and OpenMediaVault

Not so fast as original, but much more stable and functional.

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