Total Newbie Assistance Reqiured - Connecting to the WD TV Live Hub from my laptop via wirless

Sorry for this totally inane question.  I got my Live Hub setup fine to use the services like Netflix, etc. I connected the Live Hub via lan cable to my wireless router and everything worked seemlessly, downloaded the new firmware, etc.

Now…what I want to do is connect my laptop to the Live Hub so that I can transfer my music and video files to it.  But I need to do this via my wireless connection, because my router only has one LAN connection, so I can’t connect both the Live Hub and my laptop to the router.  What do I do?  The Discovery Tool doesn’t fine the Live Hub over the wireless. 



I may have answered my own question.  I take it I need a USB wirless adaptor to plug into the Live Hub unit, so that my laptop can find it wireless.  You’d think that since both my laptop and Live Hub are sharing the same router to access the internet that they could communicate each other.

No. The Laptop should see the Hub fine.

Hmmm.  Wonder what is wrong then. My wirless router is password encrypted. Would that make a difference? 

| Hmmm.  Wonder what is wrong then. My wirless router is password encrypted. Would that make a difference?

It shouldn’t. My router is password encrypted as well and it works just fine. I’d suggest going through network setup again (on the Live Hub) and it should prompt you for the password.

Well, when I go through the network connection it just connects automatically, and device name is WDTVLiveHub.   It doesn’t ask for a password.  But this makes sense because my password is only set on my wireless connection, not the LAN connection to the router.  I think this may have something to do with my laptop, which is my work computer and has all sorts of sercurity and network apps on it.   I don’t think it allows me to let other systems share with me.   I may have to try my other non-work computer.