Total N00B needs help!

I bought a WD TV Live player about a month ago and have had numerous issues. I went on the WD site and found the proper adapter, bought a Netgear WNDA3100, which they specify works, have updated my box numerous times, and cannot access my wireless network! I am at a loss. I have contacted WD and their solution was for me to send a pic of my adapter…

It is for SURE this brand and type. I have reset to box a few times via factory reset as well as the hard, push-button reset. No matter what, the box does NOT seem to “recognize” the adapter. And when I go to update, it tells me it has the latest update version, something something .21 - I believe. If you have suggestions, thanks! Please talk “down” as much as possible - I am not super tech-savvy

According to NetGear, the WNDA3100 has TWO REVISIONS.

The “Tested” one from WD says “No Revision,” which now since there are two, would mean Version 1.

Version 1 looks like this:

Version 2 looks like this:

So your WNDA3100 looks like the TOP one?

ok…no, it looks like the second. Great. Now I’ve spent nearly $100 extra dollars to fix a problem that  won’t get fixed… any suggestions?

Return that adapter and get your money back (nearly any place, including online ordering, will do this).

Then get an adapter on the approved list AND one that has the right revision (if there is a Best Buy near you, try them because you can return it for a full refund very easily as well as try multiple different types of adapters).

(This is what I have that works: )