Total factory reset My Book Live 2TB

Hello everyone,

I want to do a full restore of my My Book Live 2TB, because of I’ve installed Transmission from Feature Pack but now I don’t use it. So, to do a FULL restore I’ll do a Factory Reset Fast (the only difference of factory restore complete is low-level format, not other things, right?) but I don’t know if I have to to a new firmware installation, too. I mean, fresh firmware installation (I don’t know why, but there is no firmware to download from wdc website) is included in total restore or not? If not, how can I do a fresh firmware installation (and then a factory restore) if I can’t download the original firmware?


When making changes to the MyBookLive OS, this is the best way to get back to factory original firmware. The guide also contains direct download links to all the different MyBookLive firmwares.


Ok, but the latest firmware isn’t included in that list or in all the web; where can i download a new one? I can do a downgrade with an original firmware without brick , then do a full restore and then do upgrade to actual firmware?

edit: this is the last one 09/26/2012; instead the only I can download is 09/10/2012

How can I do? Please help me!

The latest firmware is in my list right at the top

02.32.05-144 and 02.32.05-046 are essentially the same firmware, 02.32.05-144 was an upgrade from the botched 02.32.05-044 release and 02.32.05-046 was an upgrade for those who were still on 02.11.09-053