Torrent keeps getting errors on My Cloud Home


I have a My Cloud Home and use uTorrent when I want to transfer huge chunks of files (usually over 5 GB). I usually downloaded the torrents directly to my laptop’s HDD (with speeds of over 30Mbps) and now have transferred the downloading directly onto the My Cloud Home device.
The issues are the following: the DL speed is very low, barely over 250 kbps and also, every now and then (but always) the torrent stops downloading and gives the following error: “A device attached to the system is not functioning (WriteToDisk)”, although I have no issues with my network. Everything else works perfectly and at high speed.

Any ideas on how this can be fixed, because it is really frustrating.

Thank you!

The problem with downloading a file directly to a network drive using something like bittorrent technology is that it breaks the files into tiny pieces which are constantly being read and written by the application. The application sits on your PC.

In order for a “piece” of data to reach the drive it first has to download from the location on the internet where it is saved into temporary space on your PC. It is then moved from that location to the drive where it is stored. All the while numerous small transfers are going back and forth on the network connection which are already going to be slow- this is the same kind of speed issues you’ll have when transferring a large amount of small files like picture to a network location. There’s some more information on this in the link below:

I don’t use torrents myself outside of the occasional linux distro download, but I’ve read on these forums in the past that people had some success by increasing the size of the “pieces” (this has to be done when creating the .torrent file)

You might also want to consider having the files save to a local hard drive (ideally not your C drive) first and then only move to the drive when they are complete. Your client should have an option to do this.