MD Cloud Requires Authentication

Hi, All,

Some days ago, I encouter a problem that the when Itry to connect My Clould with Smartware I am asked to do anthentication. The pic below shows the situation.

I have tried all combination I have for passwords and username but failed.

I am here seeking for help.

Thanks in advance for you kind support.

I can’t make out what is written in the box but my guess is you need to enter your email address and Activation Code to get Smartware Pro.

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cat0w (USA)

No idea what the screen says but it looks like the same issue I had when I changes the share from public.

the /etc/samba/overall_share was not in sync and I needed to manually edit it for this and other shares.

if you are comfotable logging in to the system with ssh it is a fairly easy edit. if not I suggest trying a system only restore to see if it will correct it. the system only restore will remove your users but not your shares and data

Thanks a lot for you kind support!

LI Ran


Thanks a lot! Your method works. Thanks again.

I have a further question, how can I log in system with ssh?