Top led red & no connection hours after firmware update


I got the new firmware version 2.10.302 today and everything worked fine at first.

But this evening, about 16 hours after the update, I couldn’t connect. It did send me a warning mail when I pulled out the network cable and plugged it back in, so something was still working, but I couldn’t get to the dashboard, or to my shared folders. The top led was red, the other two blue, while the disks weren’t spinning. Before the upgrade, when the disks weren’t spinning,the nas was in standby and the bottom leds would be off and the top led would slowly flash blue.

I pulled the plug for a few minutes and plugged it back in and everything seems to work for now, except for a critical power supply failure message (event code 1022), that’s probably caused because I unplugged it. But why did this happen in the first place? Bug, or some new setting I have to correct?

Update: the top led turned red again, but this time, I can still access my network shares and the dashboard. The status page says everything is ok but why is the top led red and why couldn’t I connect earlier?

See other topics around here, people with problems after the last firmware upgrade. Myself included, still waiting for answers from WD as my NAS is not usable right now :frowning:

We have passed along this information to WD Support.





Here are a couple of Knowledgebase Articles that may help explain the led light functions.


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