Too much problems

My cloud was updated to v04.05.00-327

  1. When trying to check for update I am getting “ * Error retrieving firmware upgrade information: Internal server error. Retry your last operation. If the error persists, contact WD Support for assistance. (370014)”

  2. When trying to contact support from the “?” Menu. Attach diagnostic report and request support is not doing nothing (allowed pop-up) and then get * Your last operation timed out. Make sure there are no network connectivity issues and try again. (200001) * post_system_log_timeout

  3. DLNA show duplicates contents… content scan is always scanning and database is being updating. I cannot stop or rebuild my library.

  4. general slowness on the web UX.
    Settings menu items are grayed for several minutes until become blue with actual settings.

  5. suspects that this device is generating network error that drops the sync of my router… I did replace to new router and also checked on different infrastructure… disconnections are following my cloud everywhere it goes.
    I do get “Connected (Relay connection established) For best performance, enable UPnP on your router to establish a direct connection.” But I can’t find which ports are needed for my cloud and where to change them. I do know to add port forwarding on my router.

  6. yet I do have access to my data and sharing is working good. I have download a zip system report with a lot of logs files.

Where should I begin? I read something about to look into log for issues like files that generates errors or other system error that I look for solution.

@DAVID_COHEN Are you looking for the latest firmware? Try this link.

For #3 what do you have showing in Twonky? I have found by limiting what is being shared I no longer get the duplicates. See example image below.

What router are you using now? UpnP is under connectivity on my router.

Are you looking for the latest firmware?

Good idea, I’ve download the right version and now I preparing backup to my files (another journey… I don’t see a share when attaching UBS hard drive)

what do you have showing in Twonky?

What is twonky? how do I get into this interface?
I have looked over but seems that KB page was removed.
SSH enabled but not sure nothing is listening on WDMyCloud:9000

What router are you using now?

Unfortunately my router is now some ISP unique invention (a local manufacturer yet to became a known product, yet it is additional ISP service) so accessing my router settings are inaccessible and sometimes UpnP connectivity is unstable (sometimes lost or fully supported) except an mobile app with minimal options for port forwarding.
I’ll will deal with this ISP later on, or even will switch to new provider with my own router.