Too Much In Subtitles

I have noticed recently on anime series that I’ve been watching (in MKV format) that the subtitles have been showing way too much information.  It’s a lot more than just what the character says at the time. The information is in brackets And, It seems like it is what the subtitler was thinking at the time.  The issue I have is that this information does not show up when I watch the same anime on my computer.  It’s a lot of useless information for the most part.  So, I want to find a way to hide this information again.  It wasn’t displayed before.  Did I change a setting somehow on my WDTV? If so, how can I change it back? I performed a Factory reset and it didn’t fix the issue.

PS. I have a first generation WDTV with the most recent firmware update. (1.03.01)

In the remote there is an “option” key, you might be able to turn subtitles off if it is in a separate file, if the movie has been decoded with the subtitles then no can do.