Too many versions of backed-up Files (WD SmartWare)


it seems like this is an old topic ( etc. but I could not reply to it) but Smartware currently keeps 16(!) versions (instead of the 5 we set) of the INBOX file (size: 4,5GB each) of the Thunderbird Mailbox Data. It looks like it sticks to the 5 versions per file for other files that also get changed frequently.

Is there anything we can do instead of manually deleting the old files? (A week ago the full 1,8TB were full with the backup which then was completely wiped. It’s actually not my own computer but a friend’s so I don’t know how many versions of INBOX that must have been).

Alternatively, can I file a bug report or anything like this? I’d give more specific details (file paths, dates of the files, settings if I can properly translate them into English, etc.)

Smartware Version is 2.4.0 (afaik the current one) on Win 7.

Thanks for any support,



Try uninstalling WD Smartware and reinstalling its latest version.

If this does not work then I recommend you contact support directly.