Too many problems- what's a good alternative?

After weeks of issues and many, many hours wasted I’ve decided to pack it in and return the My Cloud. The latest problems are:

  1. My music library of 264GB has grown to £540GB!! (Not sure why but suspect that as I’ve re-ripped Cd’s in lossless using itunes and it’s asked me if I want to replace the eixsting files (which I’ve chosen yes to) it hasn’t done this and simply duplicated fiels

  2. My photos which I saved in different shares was 49GB but for some reason the Capacity in dashboard now only shows photos taking up 28GB

  3. The WD Photos app on the iphone only shows the first 2 photos of each album! And doesn’t reflect changes I made over a week ago

  4. The My Cloud app on iphone says the device is innaccessible unless I’m on the home network so the fact it’s supposedly accessible remotely doesn’t even work

  5. As I have my iTunes library migrated to the NAS it’s incredibly slow to respond - even trying to delete a single track can take the best part of a minute.

I’m really disappointed but now I just want to move my music back to my Mac, wipe the memory of the My Cloud and get my money back.

So, what would be a good alternative to use as a back up with around 1 -2 TB of space?

Try a Synology NAS, and get the most you can afford from that manufacturer. You could consider either:

  • keeping the WDCloud, disabling all media features and indexing/scanning/thumbnailing services. You will get a fast NAS to backup your synology,

  • taking the WDMyCloud disk out and popping it in the Synology to set it up.