Too many photos in dir causes crash + Video thumbnails show up as jpg & again as mts thumbnail

I organize my photos in a monthly directory & we regularly have several hundred to almost a thousand photos each month.  (yes, we are camera crazy, but if you have kids, maybe u can relate)  When I look at a directory with this many photos & scroll down to some point in the last 3/4 of the list, somehow the unit is overloaded or something and crashes.  The only way out is to unplug & restart.

Also, when in video mode & I look at my home video directory for a given month, it shows the thumbnails as a jpg file, then again in the mts video file.  That is, the abc##.jpg photo file is shown, as well as the same abc##.jpg image on the thumbnail for the abc##.mts video file.  Since J is sorted before M, I have to scroll all the way through the jpg files to get to the video files.   Shouldn’t the jpg file be hidden & the pic only shown for the mts file - especially in video mode?

I am using only the latest unmodified firmware 1.02.21.


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Yes, #2 is well known issue.

For #1 I assume that’s the same problem as too many thumbs (which also crashes the machine).  It is also well known.

Wow.   A simple search would have answered both of your questions immediately.

The answers are:

   1- It’s a known bug.  WD is trying to find the root cause and fix it.  No ETA.

   2- WD does not support this functionality on Network Shares, only USB.

So is #2 on the list to be fixed?  Without it, shared video folders are very hard to navigate.

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You’re preaching to the choir – we ALL want this… but WD doesn’t think it’s a high priority.  Perhaps *someday* we’ll see it fixed (i.e. next year or when snow starts falling in Hades).

Doubtful…   I don’t believe they think of it as a bug, since thumbnails were apparently meant specifically for USB, but we’ll see…