Too many files in a folder

If I have too many files in a folder will it cause delays in searching thru them?  Right now I have a lot of my movies about 250 of them on the root of my HD plus obviously all the duplicated jpeg’s.  I do notice that sometimes it gets stuck while browsing thru them. Is it OK to have that many in one folder?  Also it takes a while to scroll if what I am looking for is on the opposite side of  the alphabet.  Should I be setting up folders ?  Is there anyway to search within a folder?  I was thinking about setting up alphabetical folder so I could find stuff faster.  Any other ideas?


If you’re talking about a locally attached drive, turning on the Media Library will give you the option of searching for your movies as well as show things like the latest additions. 

I do notice as well that the Live gets stuck when scrolling through things, but I don’t think it’s related to the number of things you have (I have my stuff divided into folder types, like Animated, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and even on my smaller folders I can stick the Live if I try and scroll too fast).  Hopefully the new firmware that removes the duplicated JPGs will fix this issue as well (I can hope :>)

Thanks Mike.  I am using network shares.  I guess When you scroll fast it tends to stick.  Is there any search function for that?  When are we expecting this firmware update.  Any ideas?

I’m using net shares as well and, no, no search function there (which is why I’ve divided my movies up into types).

It’s anyone’s guess as to when the new firmware will come (and I doubt whether my guess is any better than yours) but my own guess is we’ll see something this quarter.