Too Many Files for the 6TB WDMyCloud? - is 300,000 too much for the Drive to Index?

Can anyone help? Have I hit a cealling with file count on this device?

I loaded a number of 6TB drives with:

4.5 GB of Video Files, 10500 Files in 500 Folders - Placed in the Public Shared Video

1TB of MP3 files, 115,000 files in 2500 Folders - Placed in the Public Shared Music/Audio

250 GB of an eBook Collection with 165,000 files in 64,000 folders - Placed in the Public Shared Photos Folder

I start out loading the video files alone with no problem, when I then add the MP3s and books the video file count drops to 50 from 10,000 and none are now available with DLNA. When I remove MP3 and eBooks and reindex the video files are back.

I can even add the MP3s but when I add the 165,000 eBook files I lose the video via DLNA even tho they are still on the drive. After 4 days of rebuilding indexes they are still not visible. I have replicated this behavior on 3 6TB drives.

Is there anyone in Tech Support who has data on this?


My experience is that putting your media in the ‘Shared’ folders causes all sorts of problems, so I choose not to. I put my media in folders under Public, but you can put it anywhere else.

You might find this FAQ useful if you’re having trouble with the Twonky DLNA media server:

I have 62k music files; no problem, and it indexes them in about 12 minutes. It’s also accidentally indexed my map tile store, which is 100s of 1000s of images. Again, no problem.

Files being indexed and then disappearing can be down to having the media server turned on (in Settings|Media), but not having Media Serving enabled for the share in Shares.

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BTW, we’re not WD tech support; we’re customers, like you.

Is there anyone in WD who understands how MyCloud and Twonky interact?  In my experience, no…

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As cpt_paranoia says, there are no WD guys in here except the moderators who can connect you with the WD guys who will talk to you over the phone to resolve your problems. However those tech guys are limited to their knowledge also.

As a power user I might guess that the scans in indexing your files may be caught up with a file that it could not resolve. Back off the number of files until you reach the point where it does work, then add in a handful of files at a time and wait till it completes the re-indexing. 

If it does reach a file that seems to hang the index function, delete that set of files then move onward with another set. See if you can work around where it might hang.

Hopefully this might be the solution, however if you do come to the conclusion that there is a fixed limit you probably can add this item in the wish list which you will find under announcements.

Alternatively separate your files into different shares and only turn on media scans for the ones the needs indexing.

Let us know how it works out for you.

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If you ssh into the My Cloud and execute a df -i command.  It will tell you the max inodes

for each partition.  Each file requires an inode.

My system which is standard setup has 182996992 inodes total.  461768 inodes in use.

So my system currently has 461768 files.

There does seem to be a maxfiles option for twonky.  I can’t find the config file yet.  But

that is probably where your problem is located.


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