Too many bad sectors

Data Lifeguarad will stop before extended test on WD15EARS-00Z5B1 Green internal drive completes, because of too many bad sectors. Chkdsk will find bad sectors, but completes the test. After fixing the bad sectors, Chkdsk will complete \scan. Data Lifeguard will stop at the same sector.

The HD is used for media storage. The drive is out of warranty. Usually at 37 C.

Why the difference in Chkdsk and Data Lifeguard results? Will reformating cure this problem?

Thanks. Annoyed that my WD drive is failing!

i wouldnt trust that drive… only for storage and things that you dont mind to loose

i would recomend trying hard disk sentinel and use reinicialize disk surface in hard disk test

dont forgot to check the correct disk

lets see if it works

$35 USD to reinitialize the disk.

im just a user like you… i have bought this program to safeguard my data… when its possible… you say that the diagnostics program freezes so i gave you another one…

you can do this using WD software on downloads section of your hard drive

good luck,

Thanks, of course. Too often, the hours spent diagnosing problems on a computer are futile. Unless, one of the WD technical persons has a definitive interpretation, it is out to recycling with the old, and deal shopping for the new.

could you please confirm that your hard drive doesnt have any warranty left??

 i have been luck with WD drives that i buy… i still have my first WD drive conected to my pc seven years after  without any bad sectors

It warms up like no other drive  it gets 50 degrees very easily but it just works and very reliable and silent… when i use a fan to cooling it 

guess im very lucky

good luck you to :wink: hope you still can exchange your drive… i would recomend Red drives or blue

out of warranty

Overwrote the drive with zeroes, reinitialized with Acronis Disk Director 12, ran Data Lifeguard and still too many bad sectors. Will purchase a WD Red drive.

See if its stable I have used hard disk sentinel test the hdds with random data both read and write

if it doesnt get any worse I recomend you to have it allways running and external backup storage dont trust that drive with info that you dont have a backup