Too many bad sectors. Is it the time for RMA?

I bought a caviar green WD15EARX  1TB from an online shopping service Flipkart (in india).

It has roughly been a month since i started using this and during this, i have encountered random freezes 2 or 3 times.

Every time these problems occured, i ran a windows disk check during startup. Disk check repaired some bad sectors everytime i ran it.

Recently, i encountered another one of those freezes. This time i decided to run the data lifeguard diagnostics and chose extended test. It stopped in the middle saying “too many bad sectors” and the test failed.

I dont have a floppy or cd drive so i cannot run cd rom version of DLD.

What should i do now? Is RMA is a good choice at this stage?

and one more thing, if i apply for rma, would i be provided with a brand new drive or some other used and repaired drive?

Hi yes you need to RMA the drive. You will be returned a refurbished drive. This is the page to start your RMA 

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I bought the Western Digital Silicon Blue Edge 256GB SSD and it has same issues errors and crashes as posters drive except mine was sold like this never worked like new one I cannot secure formate it as it crashes in dos and windows with to many errors and the WD Diagnostics in both reports to many errors the drive has dramatic slow downs if I put any data on it at all really the crashes occur at around 35% so if I fill SSD with more data then 35% of SSD that it really goes sour

I never did RMA because I didn’t want to go back to a HDD after going SSD even with all these problems it is still far superior to my WD Black edition 1TB HDD in performance I just cannot install anything on the Western Digital Silicon Blue Edge 256GB SSD besides windows or it crashes because of data limitations on the Western Digital Silicon Blue Edge 256GB SSD because of all the errors on drive

I have looked everywhere in stores in rl and online and cannot find these drives anywhere would love to get a replacement drive just don’t want to send this one for rma until I get a new one first

Hi this is the page to check and see if the warranty is ok and to start the RMA process.  . I would contact WD and see if they can do a advanced RMA they would send you the new drive and give you 30 days to return the old one. I am just not sure if they do a advanced RMA’s on ssd drives.

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