Too many Backups on drive

My object when I install MY BOOK  Essentials was to have  one [1] backup drive and two other drives for  pictures and misc.

When asked "How may backups do you want. "  I mistakenly enter [3] three. Don’t ask me why, but I did.

It didn’t take long before my backup drive was full.

I have change the number of backups to [1] one.  How  or what, do I need to d

o to clean up the Backup drive.

I know it sounds like basic stuff, but you are talking to a 71 yr old man, with a very short, short-time memory.

I have a history of anxaity attacks, so the harder I try to solve the problem on my own, the more flustered I get.

My hearing is shot, so trying to understand a troubleshooter over the phone is neal.

I have watch the forum board, lately, but haven’t seen my particular problem.  Close, but no cigar.

You may wonder why I am telling you about myself.  I just want to know some of my hangup.

This has been very frustrating, so if I haven’t made myself clear about the problem, please feel free to ask me whatever you may need.

Respectfully. Tom Fedder

Hi there, if you want to erase the drive so you can start over with just one copy then othen Smartware (The program with the home, backup, retrieve and settings tab)>  Go to settings> Drive settings (setup drive)> Drive erase.

Thank You for getting back to me.

Let me start over:  I have [1] one  WD MY BOOK Essentials external drive.  

It was accend Disk 1 in DISK MANAGEMENT.  

That disk was partitioned, and accend as follows:   New Volume; Backup2; Photo2: and Free Space.

     The backup  disc was accend three [3] backups.  Why I did that,  I don’t Know. 

I wanted  only have [1] one backup, so about a week ago, I just changed it,  for [1]  one backup.

What will happen to the extra Back.

I know this sounds stupid, but you are dealing with a man who has panic attacks and my thinking  goes in all directions.

Did I clarify my question enough?  If not I will  another run at it.

Tom aka: bluetang2

I am confused here. I understand that you want to join the partitions to have a single drive, or to have less partititions or to have one partition mirror the files of the other one? o.o