To WD stuff-Do you ever intend to remove (permanently) VCD?

As I read for some months the problems that many people experience with the VCD partition

I would like to know if WD is ever going to remove (permanently) the VCD partition.

If this is possible by a firmware update or in another way.

Otherwise please inform us that you will never do anything about it.

I know of no plans to remove the VCD.  However, we do produce the Elements drive, and it does not come with either VCD or SmartWare.

Thank you for your reply.

I ownn many WD external disks, but I bought this one only to use it as a PVR disk to an MPEG4 TV decoder.

Obviously due to the VCD partition the machine cannot recognize the disk (an older WD passport is perfectly recognized).

So I bought something that is useless for the reason I bought it. There was no indication or information at the box

that the disk was sold of any VCD or Smartware.

I think WD should seriously consider to make a new firmware removing permanently the VCD partition. Otherwise many

customers would be from dissatisfied to angry and probably would never buy another WD product again (as you can

see from relative posts at this forum).