To update or not?

I will receive my live hub in 2days time.

So i was wondering whether to update to the last firmware?

After reading, every post i’m quite scared,  since many people are facing problems with it.

So is WD aware of this problem?

If anything happens to the live hub, returning it wil be a problem for me since  as 1 live on a small island and a friend from England is sending it to me . -.-

In My Humble Opinion…

There have been at least two firmware releases already, and there are still some bugs that WD needs to address. So suspect there will be one or two more firmware updates in the near future.

And there is no doubt that every time a firmware release is installed you are at some small risk of something going wrong and causing major problems. I have installed both and didn’t run into any difficulty.

So, a fellow in your situation might hold off on firmware updates for a couple of months. That would give WD a chance to find and fix the majority of the bugs. Then you could allow it to update just once to get up to the stable version and then never again. But you would still want to do that while still well inside the warranty period because that’s just good common sense. Also good sense is to never allow the hub to be the only place you have irreplaceable things stored. After all, it is just a piece of inexpensive hi-tech consumer hardware & software and stuff can fail.

I caution against getting all paranoid reading the disaster stories in any online forum. Consider that thousands of folks have bought, installed and updated the hubs since they were put on the market and  most never had reason to get on this forum and complain. These forums tend to concentrate the disaster stories into one place and soon it seems like everyone is having problems, when the truth is that only a small percentage of folks have disasters and you just never hear the success stories.

End of  humble opinion :slight_smile:

If you have problems with getting it returned or RMA, I’d suggest holding off the FW updates. I updated my FW to the latest one and it wouldn’t work 2 days later. There’s a thread, that is growing by the day, discussing the issue. Please check it out and try to match your R/N and DCM numbers. Best of luck!

I am doing just fine with 2.01.05. The best thing to do is to turn it on and see if the hub does want you want it to do!

You can always read the release notes for the firmware to see if WD has fixed any problems you have. I dont have any problems with my hub so there is no need to update!!

Thats my two cents. Please give kudos as well!