To update or not to update. That is the question

So I just got my box, hooked it up with no problems, and was watching HD MKV’s over a wired ethernet connection in under 10 minutes. Now I have to decide if I want to let the box update.

I’ve observed two things on this forum…

  1. Updating via the network connection has bricked a fair share of systems.

  2. Once updated, the box has problems.

I’ve read the release notes (.11 only, can’t find .12) and there seems to be some useful stuff, but, for me, nothing critical. I’m leaning towards waiting. If ain’t broke…

I love this statement in the update FAQ:

" Are you going to have a new firmware release soon?

  • Once a new firmware release is available, we will announce it on the community."

… do you think “announce” should have been “unleash” or “dump”?

The .12 was bricking the WD Live when updating over the internet and has been removed.

If yours works OK do not update.