To sync or not to sync?

I have a WD TV Live player with a 1TB ext HD attatched and I’ve just purchased a WD TV Live Hub. I’ve decided to keep the ext HD attatched to the player but there’s an option on the Hub settings to sync the ext HD. Does that mean it will trans all the files from the ext HD to the Hub’s HD. As I don’t really want to do that.

I know it’s a bit of a newb question but thanks in advance for any help

Sync is only useful if you want all files copied to the hub, so yes with sync on, all files will be copied to the hub.

Thanks Frillen, I’ll leave it off then

If at least the SYNC was for detection of newer files on a NAS… That would be a good option…

COPY SYNC for me is just a non used option compared to the above that i needed like every single day (instead we have the reboot style of refresh…).

Every time I add content to my external HD & then connect to the WD Live TV Hub, it seems to “recopy” all of the content rather than just sync new content. Does anyone know if this is actually the case, & if so, what settings can I change so that this does not happen every time?

Also, if there is no way to alter this setting, & I erase all movies from the HD once they have been transferred to the Live Hub’s internal 1 tb memory, will these then be erased from the WD Hub’s internal memory if I reconnect the external HD?