To set a share as truly public so anyone with the link can access


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I filmed an event over the weekend and want to make the video available for download to all 200 participants without setting them up individually as users. How can I go about doing this on my wd mycloud

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Well, when the Cloud service is restored (which is not currently the case as I write this)

You can use the mobile access (My Cloud) app, and send an e-mail link to yourself for the file you want to share.

Then you can forward that e-mail to your participants who can then open the file.

thanks tony

If I can bother you again, can I create  a link to a whole folder which contains the 200 individual videos and have the recipients select any one of the files they want within that folder?

Any idea when service will be restored?

I’ve had myclod set up for a month but haven’t used it , waiting for this event as a means to distribute video rather than discs.


Hmm.   I think you can send links to folders – I’ve never tried that, so I’m not certain.  

No idea when the service will be up – WD is not providing much info on the subject.

I just tried this, and it may not be what you want.

When you send a link to a folder, when the user clicks that link, it downloads a ZIP file containing the contents of that folder.  They’re not actually browsing the files on the disk.

A workaround, though-be-it time consuming, would be for you to generate links to all the files individually, and then put all those links into a file, then share that file.

I think the service is back on

right don’t want them getting zip filesmay have to do them one at a time  bummer

that might work

I could do as you say and create a link to each then post it on a page on my website


i am trying to do the same thing as OP, i dont care if its a ZIP file that results from the share, but currently when i follow the link that the software on my computer creates, it gives me the browser error…

what gives? Remote Sharing is enabled. I checked. :frowning: