To partition or not?


I just ordered a WD Caviar Black  2T (WD2001FASS) hard drive. In terms of performance, is it best to partition the drive or just have one volume? I don’t plan to dual boot.the computer, will be running Windows 7. If it’s best to partition it, are there general guidelines on how to maximize performance? Here are the stats on the drive.

Formatted Capacity  2,000,398 MB  Guaranteed Sectors   
3,907,029,168  Bytes Per Sector
512 bytes  Sectors Per Track   
4 Platters
8 Read/Write Heads
Interleave  1 : 1
Spindle Speed  7,200 RPM
Cache Buffer  64 MB SDRAM
Serial ATA 3 Gb/s

Thanks for your input.

Partitioning the HDD will reduce access time to the drive, which would be a boost to overall system performance, although the transfer rate will become slower when moving files from one partition to another.

If you’re planning to install Windows on that drive, I’d recommend to make a separate partition for the OS.

Thanks for the response. :slight_smile: