To my fellow Linux Users -- tagging MP4 files?

I’ve written a hefty script that uses forked ffmpeg commands to batch-convert / transcode my multi-thousands of videos to formats that are 100% compatible with all of my mobile devices.

The ONE THING that is lacking is a way to embed an already-present image file into the MP4 metadata for use as cover-art.

Once I run my scripts, I have to go find all the files that are untagged and manually tag them with something like MetaX for Windows.

I’d love to automate this part as well, but I"m not getting anywhere.

Does anyone know of a Linux COMMAND-LINE utility that can add JPG thumbnails to MP4/M4V files?

I’d be most thankful!

Mp3tag (Windows) can batch embed thumbnails into MP4/M4V video files

Browse to directory  >   Select All   >   Actions (Quick) >   Import cover from file   >    format string=  %_filename%.jpg   > Ok

Yeah, I’ve used that, but I’m looking to integrate something into my Linux Perl scripts.

Lin_Admin wrote:

I found that after all .mkv looks more versatile than .mp4.  

Tell that to Apple.   Yeah, adding a thumb to an MKV is trivial.  But very few mobile devices support MKV natively.   In fact, I know of none.

Ahh.  I found a solution:   Atomic Parsley.

./AtomicParsley /path/to/media/file.m4v --artwork /path/to/JPEG-File.jpg --overWrite

…does exactly that, and more.

Now my script also reads the XML metadata from the WDTV content info and adds that to the M4V files as well.

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