To Install Or Not To Install

Just brought home my second 1TB Passport SE USB 3.0 drive.  Took the last one back because nothing I tried would allow me to “eject” the drive without shutting down my pc’s.  The last drive was repartitioned and reformatted removing all of the installed WD files. 

So I ask, should I install the WD software and run the drive accordingly?

Does anyone out there have the same drive?  Do you have issues, and if not what are you doing that I didn’t?

Thanks for looking!!!

I don’t have the exact same drive. But IMO, you don’t need to install given Smartware unless you want to enable drive security. For backup you can use any preferred backup app.

If you plan to repartition (NTFS) and format as a general external drive, you can do that.

If this is the case you need one driver (SES) download from here.

Or Windows will nag you asking this SES driver every time you connect this drive.

If you change your mind and want to revert back to the way it was, download this zip file and extract it in to your newly formatted WD drive.

My Passport Drive Contents: Windows

My Passport Drive Contents: Mac

Mabikay - SLK

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