To be able to put proxy parameters

I use a WD MyBookLve at work but i was not able to do upgrade because we have a proxy. So everytime i must take out the WD at home to do upgrade. This is not really pratical. Thank you.

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Totally agree. I actually have a dd-wrt router which automatically forwards all requests on port 80 through the proxy, so I can update efficiently, However, remote access (which uses ssl on port 443) doesn’t work. (Shouldn’t be such a big deal to add support for basic http proxies. I don’t even need to use a login.)


Idea submitted for community voting.

I purchased WD MyCloud 4TB via my corporate procurement. At my biggest surprise this device is designed for home use and cannot find the way to set up a proxy server that would enable the device to communicate with WD. Either this device should be clearly labelled: “Unable to operate in corporate environment, for domestic use only” or it should have the feature to operate without direct access to external servers, that can be a security no-no in certain companies or alternatively offer some http proxy to do some work.