To all the themers - music playing view

this is a screenshot of apple tv’s music playing view i found with google search. i really like this look.

so, my kind question to all the great themers in this community: is it possible to modify i. e. the mini-music-mod to have a look like this?

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Yes, you could most likely do something similar to that.  I’m not sure if you could get it to look exactly the same though.

However, you would probably disable some of the functionality though. Such as not being able to see the tracks available on an ablum and selecting which track you want to play while viewing the album playing view.

You have to remember, there is a lot that can be done to change the look of themes.  However, just because it can be done doesn’t make it pratical with how the firmware operates.

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good morning, tinwarble!

i don’t know why but i expected you to be first with an answer while doubting that anyone will answer at all. so, thank you very much for your reply.

you’re right, that i’d disable some features, but i could neglect them. the music playback screen is too overloaded, especially with 3 album covers (and the one at the top never changes:confounded:), the tracklist and rating stars for all tracks (whether they’re rated or not). so i’d rather skip back to previous folder view in order to select another track or so. mostly i play an album with no ambitions to skip around or complete genre folders in random/shuffle where i could skip to next track if i don’t like the current.

you doubted that i won’t get exactly the same look. well, that’s for sure (especially the reflections won’t be easy to do). but i only want the infos for the current played track with album cover.

on the apple tv (i think i remember) the album cover switches  from the left to right side and v. v. after each track in order to spare the screen i think.

so, i will try…


Yes it does disable some functionatlity,  and yes it’s possible to get a “similar look”

Here’s something i xml and graphic coded for the Hub today …  as a “test”

(P.S.  “Reflections” are a Piece of Cake :wink:)

Here’s the download if you wanna tinker with it …









Dont tell anyone … but im running Firmware 3.04.17 :smileyvery-happy:

Which im using the “Screenshot Capture Feature”  for my current theming efforts.

So, to answer your question… this is a 100% REAL Screenshot taken on the Hub.

P.S.  Uses your Mp3’s folder Jpegs and ID3 

(It’s Not using PNG or any sort of Sheet or Thumbgen intervention)


hi joey!

unfortunately the mod doesn’t work:flushed:

maybe i did something wrong. i copied the album-playback.xml to the “music” theme and replaced the stored file in there. testing on the hub the playback view was pixeled and puzzled with still all the items in (topic, playlist, ratings, etc). the only thing changed is the album thumbnail on the left side (with reflection) but too big and  in very bad resolution. so it was lightyears away from your image…

do you have any ideas? my machine runs with fw 3.03.13 (maybe a reason?)

p.s. i still appreciate your support and engagement… still thumbs up!

The mod works very well …

Bessa , make sure that you really have installed the whole mod :wink:

So make sure that you have re-placed all given images in the “image” folder.

Interesting for people who like clear designs and minimalist-designs.

Joey 's realisation speed … wow … , so Apple design

is not really a challenge for real WD themers  - just great.

you’re right, steffen_2009 (good old, german mate), i really overlooked the image folder. i will hopefully give it another try, but right now my kids are watching a movie… please be patient! :wink: like me (tippeltippeltänzel)

JoeySmyth wrote:



Yes it does disable some functionatlity,  and yes it’s possible to get a “similar look”


Here’s something i xml and graphic coded for the Hub today …  as a “test”


(P.S.  “Reflections” are a Piece of Cake :wink:)



Here’s the download if you wanna tinker with it …





JoeySmyth, This is BRILLIANT and it works on the SMP.

O to be able to create such work.


hi joey!

please excuse my little mistake with the missing image-folder. steffen_2009 supposed right. so i tried again and everything looked fine. this is exactly what i’ve been looking for! thank you - thank you - thank you very much.

although: there’s a tiny little “issue” in the progress/time bar. it’s already filled although the track is still playing. is there a chance to adjust this???

Unfortunatly the “Progress / Time Bar”  is a bit   “Tricky”   due to Firmware.

Let me Explain…

You can change it Horizontal and Vertical Positioning ( X and Y ) in the XML with no problems

However,  if you Change it’s  Width and Height Size ( W and H ) in the XML …

The Progress / Time Bar … Vanishes !   :dizzy_face:   It simply “Disappears”

So i can only assume it’s Width and Height are Hardcoded in Firmware Preventing alteration.

The re-design of it’s graphic appearance is the only work-around i know of.

(I also did this in my Aeonish Hub Theme for the Video Run Progress Bar… as the same phenomenon occurs)

never mind! i don’t aim to watch the bar during playback. i can easily live with it :stuck_out_tongue:

do you have your shoes already taken off?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine Mini-Theme :slight_smile:

yeah. after 3 weeks of enjoying it i still don’t want to switch off my tv during music playback. I LOVE IT!!!

**bleep**, nice theme, but remains a weakness. The album-cover is on a large screen (HD) in bad quality. Because the variable “@@album_icon” reflects only the low quality. With “@@album_cover” the quality is much better. (You can test it. Arange “@@album_cover” AND “@@album_icon” next to each other). Unfortunately, with “@@album_cover” the cover is not updated during the next song. Only switch on the Home screen back can update the image. probably anchored in the firmware. Too bad. Otherwise very good implementation.

mMcCorner wrote:

 the cover is not updated during the next song. Only switch on the Home screen back can update the image.

    • *>  this is no wise option to me (and obviously others). if you have implemented a high-res folder.jpg into your files there are no limitations in presentation. i admit i have some old and rare albums where good albumcovers are hard to find for, so their presentation aren’t that pretty. but this “issue” will appear on any other modded music playback view with larger cover display.


@ joey:

never recognised before, but the cover template appears in the background when using youtube and flickr services(w/out covers of course). if i switch to default mochi it disappears - everything is fine then. returning back to your theme makes the template appear again… can you tell me why and how i can repair this??

it does not appear in other services like vimeo or deezer  (i do not use others)



I will look into it … :neutral_face:   

I think (and I’m going from memory here), that youtube, at least, shares some of the same images as for music.

So if you alter music, you also have to make alterations in the playback xml for it.

Can’t remember anything about flickr, but it may also share.