Tmdb searching fails

Ive got most of my content info, but theres a few titles it wont get even though theyre available on tmdb, ive tried renaming files but still doesnt find it, anything i can do to improve the search, thanks

Give us a few examples of exact file names that aren’t working.

I have this problem to. 

i have an ect. here:

21 Jumpstreet

i have tryet to use

21 Jumpstreet and 21 Jumpstreet (2012) with no luck

Have you tried 

21 Jump Street

Note the space between Jump and Street.

that fixed my problem but here is 2 i cant fix

Cop Out (2010) -


Contagion (2011) -

Whilst on the subject of the tmdb…a few films have a foreign dvd cover thumbnail when downloaded yet an english one is present when you go direct to the site with a PC.

Off the top of my head examples are:

Woman in Black


i have both those movies with english covers, they were in foreign at first til i did this,if you open the movie xml file, scroll down til you see the thumbnail links, paste them one at a time into your browser til you find the one you want, save it, change the extension from jpg to metathumb and replace it over the old one, rescan your folder with the new file and it should appear, if it doesnt then just simply just restart the smp and it should show, works like a charm on mine, i replaced all my foreign covers with english ones, hope this helps

funny that, I tried replacing a couple and it didn’t work…I:

  • Copied out the foreign .metathumb in question over WiFi to PC

  • Made the English jpg from tmdb the same size etc and named it the same plus .metathumb extension

  • Saved back over the foreign .metathumb over WiFi

I have my library view in the mode that has a movie sheet style background that swops betwen different images, about 8 or so cover thumbnails along the bottom, larger thumbnail of the highlighted file and brief text overview. (I’m not near box at the moment)

What happens is the old foreign thumbnail still displays even though it’s been overwritten! The only place my new thumb shows is when selecting display artwork or something option?!

Dont know about over wifi, but my hdd is attached to my pc, i stream from that, i just make sure i refresh the folder or smp itself and it works everytime for me, ive just done it myself for 2 films, took less than a minute to do, tbh there should be a way of selecting what image we can use

Shearer wrote:

that fixed my problem but here is 2 i cant fix


Cop Out (2010) -




Contagion (2011) -



Those two aren’t working because, for whatever reason, TMDB is returning TWO search results for each of them.

Contagion returns Contagion (2011) and Paragraf 78 - Film 1 (2007)  (What the heck???)

Nothing WD can do about that, but a MANUAL match should still work…

I got those 2 in english by default and didnt have to change anything, you want me to upload them for you ?

how do i make a manual match ? when i dosent have an xml file ?

Browse to the file in the SMP.

Select OPTIONS – Get Content Info.