TM backup for 2 iMacs on the same Mycloud

I have two iMacs (Yosemite, El Capitan).
The first one has a correct TM backup on Mycloud.
I don’t succeed to run a TM backup on the second one.
A conflict seems to occur between both iMac.

I was successful in backing up two Macs to the same MyCloud, it will work. However I did not find it a practical solution due the the dreadfully slow backup speed. Both Apple and WD share responsibility here.

The “dreadfully slow backup speed” by Time Machine is the same for me.

I have an Imac under Macos 10.11, connected with Mycloud by ethernet cables,
via my box.

All Time Machine backups are terribly slow: around 2 Mo by minute.

I made some test:

  • The network itself looks OK: in case I copy a file from Imac to Mycloud, the speed
    is correct ( (hundreds of Mo by minute). The problem occurs only with TM.

  • TM works correctly when I back up on an external drive connected by USB cable to Imac.

There is something wrong betwen TM and the Mycloud. But what exactly?

When I look at the progression bar of the back up, I notice that at some moments the back up stops during several minutes. Exactly as if the connection with Mycloud were lost.
Indeed, if I try to connect directly with Mycould in this situation, I observe that the Mycloud is not connected, and it takes some seconds to connect.

Thank you to anybody who have a solution to this problem.

No speed problem with TM and Mycloud Gen2. Fast and works very well. And yes, you can backup 2 Macs to the same Mycloud. Always use AFP.

Thank you.

How to check if my Mycloud is “Gen 2”?

The connexion of the Mycloud works automatically.
How to be sure that AFP is used?

If your using a single bay My Cloud, Check the My Cloud Dashboard Home page and look at the Firmware field. If it is v2.x then its a gen 2 single bay My Cloud