TLER and desktop use

So there is a debate if AV-GP (or RE edition) drives are suitable for desktop use as standalon drives in the computer. Problem seems to be TLER.

So my questions:

  1. Does TLER only affect things when ATA streaming commands are used or also with standard ATA commands?

  2. Will TLER time affect anything when used in a desktop computer with Windows XP or Windows 7, etc?

  3. When you (Western Digital) say it is best for streaming videos, PVR, etc. but also a good drive for storing personal files you mean it is equally good for personal files as a non-AV Caviar Green (EARS, EARX, etc) or it’s just not much worse in terms of data integrity and error recovery (not regarding other performance differences) but has a higher chance of corrupted data, which is pretty bad when saving a 100 GB disk image to an AV-GP drive for backup purpose?

  4. I want to use my WD20EURS as my only drive in my computer. Occasionally I will backup important files, but if they were written incorrectly to my drive then it does not help if I copy that incorrect data to a backup drive. Does it have a higher chance then for example with a desktop Caviar Green?

  5. Does AV-GP drives go into deep recovery cycle when needed if used in a desktop with Windows XP, 7, 8, etc?

Hi well all I can tell you is from experience. I have run enterprise drives for many years now some in raid others as stand alone never a problem. Of course a re drive is a much better drive than a green drive green drives are recommended for storage not as a boot drive. So in my case with many years of use of TLER drives I have never had a problem.

Yes, but for example RE drives have TLER set to 7 seconds while AV-GP drives have TLER set to only 100 milliseconds!