TL-WR1043ND and WD Live

Router: TL-WR1043ND- Firmware 3.13.4 Build 110429 Rel.36959n

WD Live :  Firmware 1.06.15

I have a problem with this 2 devices working toughener, WD Live don’t see the USB HDD Sharing form the Router (all the PC’s are working OK and they see the share…i tested on win xp, win 7, and ubuntu).

Why the WD Live don’t see the Sharing from the Router ?

Any solution to this problem ?

Is the WD set to the same WORKGROUP name as the router?

Yes, the workgrup is set to “WORKGROUP” to Roter and WD LIve …

So, is it that the ROUTER does not appear in the list of servers, or that when you select the router from the list of servers you get “No Content Found” error?

On the WD Live in the menu, at  Video >Shares i don’t see the Router