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I use my WDTV Live to watch some TiVo recordings in a different room than my TiVo is located in.  I use kmttg to transfer recordings from the TiVo to a PC.  I use VideoReDo to decrypt the .Tivo file to a MPEG file and edit out commercials.

My question is what is the best file format to use for the best picture quality.  I watch on a 42" 1080P TV.

There is nothing wrong with the picture I have now but just curious if I could get an even better picture.

I can’t really help with your question, but I have say it’s a lot of effort - it’d be way easier, though more expensive to get a 2nd Tivo. Then the quality would be exactly the same.

You won’t be able to improve the picture by much, if any, since you basically are left with the original quality recorded…

I don’t watch enough in this other room to justify the expense of another Tivo.  We do have a 2nd TiVo in another room where it is used a good bit.

The mpeg2 video file you are currently storing the video in is as good as it gets.  You are storing the original recorded ormat from the tivo.  Converting to h264 in either mkv or mp4 conainer would yield near identical results at much smaller file sizes but at the expense of significantly longer processing times.