Tivo Restore = WDTV Restore?

I recently saved my Tivo Series 3 after the original hard drive started making loud rattling noises.

It got me to thinking. Sooner or later my WD TV Hub will die. If I simply put a new drive in it does it boot up and install the WD TV software framework?

Or is there a similar workaround like the Tivo WinMFS software save that got me back to square one with a new fully functioning HDD.

My Hub is going to die sooner or later - what has happened to other users who have had this happen?

If the drive dies you remove it from the hub and replace it with a new drive. Its got a standard WD drive inside and in the setup menu there is a format function.

Keep in mind that some hard drives are thicker/thinner than others and that should be taken into consideration when buying a replacement.