Title Sorting

After some searching, it seems WDTV has yet to adopt the tag. Please advise if this is not true.

I do however see and is available in the XML

Could we just use as ? Will it put original title in an order or is this an info display only thing?

This is one thing I like about most media servers like XBMC and Plex


Please add this to the ideas board. I case that it has been added please support that request and vote for it to see if it gets implemented

I see Live Streaming has an idea board, but not the Hub.

Where do I add this suggestion or should I add to the already idea for this, in the Live streaming idea board

I did not find a request for this unit but did see someone added this request for the SMP. Assuming the XML structure is the same so I did not add a new request since there is already on and Live Hub does not have an Idea’s forum. I just added my vote to the existing.

Please consider this feature and to others, please vote for it.