TitanGrid Mod

hey guys, I haven’t seen any fully working grid mods yet

so I’ll post this up, and while I’ll be around

I’d prefer not to try and maintain a theme

actually preferably dribbler would be around to take this over, it’s basically his theme anyways

here’s a copy of Titan 1.4.17 with the default grid front page

and several of the video views have linksheets enabled


Thanks for your contribution. 

Many many thanks!

I will use part of your code for my own theme. You created exactly what I needed, a great contribution. Many many thanks again.

hi everyone I really need your help.

can anybody teach me how to change the grid view icon of the VIDEOS, PHOTOS and MUSIC?

The file paths are …


The image dimensions according to the inc_metro_home_grid.xml   are

<wrapper w="219" h=“143” scale=“100” scale_type=“fixratio” align=“hcenter”>

  1. So, create an image and save it… eg. home_video_icon.png

  2. In the theme folder … create a folder called “apps”

  3. inside the “apps” folder … create another folder called “Videos”

  4. inside the “Videos” folder … create another folder called “images”

  5. inside the “images” folder … place the  home_video_icon.png

rinse and repeat

thanks for the quick reply JoeySmyth. you are a god.

one question though. i used TitanGrid Mod theme. Should I create the folder on that theme or on the default Grid theme?


you can create the folders in the TitanGrid theme or any other theme … it’s your choice

ok copy.

thanks a lot.

Hi KAD79 can you create an AlaskaDARK_V1.3_15_TBN_VERT Grid Mod? Just like this TitanGrid Mod. AlaskaDarkGrid Mod.


KAD79 is away for 2 Weeks

can you do it JoeySmyth? or can you teach me?

i can only do a quick and simple mod to enable it (kinda busy today) … gimme 5 mins

wow thank you. take your time.

ok, i uploaded to my thread … as i said, it’s just a quick and simple edit  (busy working on something else today) :wink:

thanks a lot. 

Do this theme work on the previous firmware? I am  beginning to dislike the new firmware. so sad

KAD79 modified this for the “GRID UI” homescreen menu which was implemented in Firmware 2.02.32

If you wish to Rollback to 2.01.86 then use the *Official* version by dribbler (which was designed for use with 2.01.86)


Oh, if you need a Rollback Guide … here’s my simple step by step guide  :smiley: