TITAN LIVE *1.5.XX Now Available for 2.01.86*


Is there a way to make the hub behave normal, when i only want under 5 items in homescreen?


Or maybe make a new link in the homescreen, called TV Series or something like that?


Monberg wrote:

Or maybe make a new link in the homescreen, called TV Series or something like that?


Only possible using the “GRID UI” available on the WDTV SMP (Firmware 2.02.43) or the 2014 WDTV Media Player (Any Firmware)

eg. http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Themes/PM4-WD-Project-Mayhem-for-WDTV-Theme/td-p/792197

Not Possible on the discontinued WDTV Live Hub


Thank you very much for the answer :slight_smile: I have adjusted the homescreen images, so i now have the 5 most important. Then it behaves fine. :slight_smile:



I’m using the 1.5.17 theme and would like to ask if there’s a way to read the rest of the plot/movie description that was cut off using the gallery view.  Can we modfiy the theme to automatically scroll the plot/movie description if its to long.  thanks




Hi there,

I like this theme very much and I am switching form this one to Alaska Dark to find out, which suits me best.

I’m using the 1.5.35-Version on my SMP in gallery view but my covers are cutted at the top so I can’t see the full cover.

I generated the sheets and files with thumbgen.

Do I have to resize them all and what happens then if I switch back to another theme (e.g. quality loss due to smaller size)?

Or can I fix this in another way?

EDIT: I figured out, what the problem was.

When first creating the sheets with thumgen the cover was created with reflection effect.

The reflected part was exactly the one that was missing at the top of the cover.

So I created the extra sheet with thumbgen again with another template (without reflection/mirror-effect).

Now I also see the full cover in gallery mode in this theme - so glad I can keep it :slight_smile:


Well, for all those who don’t like it that colourful I made a little experiment and switched the background to greyscale.

As I said it’s only an experment and i did it with very simple windows-methods (paint & hardcopy).

So it’s not a precise as other themes but maybe you like it.

If you do I can work on it to make it better - or I leave this to the pros in here ;).

So excuse me if someone thinks, I “raped” the theme…but here it is

Titan Live 1.5.35 Fakex Grey Edition



Couple Questions…

On the 6th image down for the images of the theme… not sure what view that is called, is there a way to add:

  1. Moving Ratings?

  2. An HD logo for Blu-ray movies?

Also, what image is the background? I would like to change that. Last question, Can “Live TV” “Games” be removed?




So I recently changed to Titan theme and we are loving it!!! We were using custom firmware and GBBM theme and liked it alot, but felt like it was becoming really glitchy, possibly from running off the USB drive. So we decided to play around and see what we liked and we came across this awesome theme. 

I did want to see if there was a way to add the Rating of the movie ( G, PG, PG-13, etc.) under the movie description, I know that we were able to do this on GBBM theme, I have read through the posts and I couldn’t see anything unless I missed it. 

Also we noticed that some of the movies that the “get content info” went out and got were not thumbnails that we liked, now I am sure that we could create new ones in thumbgen, just wasn’t sure what setting we would need in thumbgen to create the metathumb’s with the thumbnails that we like. 

any help is appreciated. 

Thanks so much for everyones hard work on this theme, Its awesome!!!



Ok I was able to figure out how to get the thumbnails I wanted through thumbgen… 

Still wondering if there is a way to get the rating for the movie using the get content info? I don’t know if its a matter of changing the programming on the theme or maybe its just not possible. 

Anyone know if we can get the rating for the movie in the content info? 


Swenson wrote:

Anyone know if we can get the rating for the movie in the content info? 

that sort of thing is programmed into the firmware … so, currently the answer is no


Does anyone know how to change album_playback.xml for displaying album art like that
Explore surrealpro


with latest WD firmwares … album_playback.xml is no longer used

(there is no longer any song lists in the playback screens)


I do not use latest firmware. I few months ago I had the problem with memory leak and after reading some forums I made a downgrade to the previous version of the firmware (2.01.86). Song lists are shown in the playback screen. Today I was trying Surreal Jukebox theme and an album art is shown but… I do not like Surreal Jukebox because it is too much surreal :slight_smile: I still have the same question and I want to see song list looks like that

Thank you!


A few months ago I was asking why my album covers were not showing.
My album covers are not embedded and look like this
Beth Hart - 37 Days [front].jpg
I found the solution how to fix it.
I replaced this string
<image image="@@info_album_artist" x=“51” y=“561” w=“97"h=“97” scale=“100” bg=“1” disable=”@@disable-audiopanel"/>
with this one:
<image image="@@album_icon" x=“51” y=“561” w=“97"h=“97” scale=“100” bg=“1” disable=”@@disable-audiopanel"/>
Now an album cover is shown in a song list screen.

I did the same and replaced
@@info_album_artist with @@album_icon inside
inc_generic_now_playing_home.xml but an album cover is not shown in Now Playing screen.
Is it possible to fix it?