TITAN LIVE *1.5.XX Now Available for 2.01.86*

Before i accept anything  :wink:

So, you want this view

to replace this view in PM4 WD

gonna be a tight sqeeze to fit it all in … and keep the “look” of PM4 WD consistant

Close, its this view to merge. The one under the Version 1.5.17

Oh man, im so happy your even consittering it :wink:

The thing is … for the view to remain “consistent” with the rest of the theme  (ie. not a frankenstien stitch-up job)

The “Grey” area is where it will have to fit



here’s a quick “mock-up” as an example …

7 thumbs (as in titan) … and should have room for Director / Actor / Year / Total Time etc (again, as in titan view)


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Hmm, that looks really nice except the posters look smaller which is definitely not something I would want to see changed from the titan view. Keeping everything flowing with the same style as your theme would definitely be my preference as well, but I would be willing to sacrifice it on this one view to accomplish the same titan layout and poster size. Maybe completely removing the left hand side navigation menu from the view would also be fine with me. That would give you the full width of the screen to work with and match up perfect with the Titan view.

I understand Joey this might not be something you want to remove but honestly if it’s custom for me I’m fine with it. I already know what each button on the remote does and the function would probably still work. I think it is a perfect solution and would still look nice.

ok, another rough ‘mock-up’ … removed the side, still had to reduce the thumbnail size a little … but this hasn’t given me much more vertical room for Director / Actor etc

suggestions ?

or do something like Welo Mod with the text metadata ?

Hey… That top mockup is looking pretty sweet, still looks very much like your theme. You should have plenty of room once the movie description text uses the full width of that cell? You have a lot of space over to the right with nothing there. As far as what’s most important to me is… actors, genre and year. I guess you could also keep it the way it looks now with the text over to the left and use that space on the right for actors genre …etc? I can tell you what I like but I’m not much help on what is possible or not without causing you more work than necessary.

ok, i will have a tinker with it. 

P.S. please check your Personal Messages 

Hi Joey… good to see your still around.

Well a new house, a new baby and no internet since May last year = MIA lol :slight_smile:

Just got internet today so I am back online… However between working on the new house (landscaping etc) and doing my bit to look after the baby I will not have much time to be here or work on my theme… I am still getting my head around having the bloody internet back… man it was tough without it!!!

Cheers all.

Welcome Back :smiley:

10 Months without the Internet … can’t even image that  :dizzy_face:

(then again, the 1st 25 years of my life i had no Internet either)  :smileyvery-happy:

Better not take up too much of your time, you’ve probably got a few email’s in your inbox  :wink:

Hi!  Im using the 1.5.17 version and would like to ask if there is a way to speed up the title scrolling when a title is long.   thanks

i’m pretty sure the scrolling speed is locked at one speed … eg. i tried  speed=“3” and speed=“10” … no difference

but you can change the “delay” ie. the time it starts before scrolling … eg. delay=“2”  waits 2 Seconds before scrolling

delay=“0”  waits 0 Seconds … instant scrolling once the movie/tv show is highlighted

Hi joey

you are reffering to the rv_gallery_browse_page.xml 

<wrapper y=“115"w=“520"h=“35” text=”@@browse_text” fontsize=“28” textcolor=“0x07b5ff” speed=“0” delay=“2”>

<text x="60"y=“116”/>
<text x="61"y=“116”/>

so I should change the delay to 0 for instant title scrolling.  Thanks joey

Jla888 wrote:   so I should change the delay to 0 for instant title scrolling.  Thanks joey

yep :smiley:   and every other view, you wish to modify to delay=“0”

I’ve been able to change the speed to “6” and delay to “1” for  rv_large_video_browse_page,  rv_gallery_browse_page, and rv_video_browse_page.  The speed and delay works on wdtv live hub with firmware 3.12.13.   thanks joey

Do you stille develope on this theme?

Im using the Live Hub, and would might wish for some changes, as i ONLY use my box as mediaplayer.

So something like ‘Live TV’ ‘Pictures’ and other homescreen options is for me not needed.

Is it possible to remove these options?

This is a request in advance, as i havent testet your theme yet. hope you dont mind.

I will test when i get home from work though.


Kim Monberg

Hi Joey.

Where do i find this file on my WDTV Live Hub?


Kim Monberg

JoeySmyth wrote:

mz_inet wrote:Anyway, I only use WDTV for doing Videos and I wish their was a way to hide some of the other areas, like Games and Apps


Games and Apps(Services?) can easily be removed from the Home Screen Menu selection  :neutral_face:




Delete the code in RED


<?xml version="1.0"?> <button valkey="RV_HOME_MENU_SERVICES" name=" " normal_bg="image/main_services_icon_n.png" focused_bg="image/main_services_icon_f.png" disabled_bg="image/main_services_icon_n.png"/> <button valkey="RV_HOME_MENU_GAMES" name=" " normal_bg="image/main_games_icon_n.png" focused_bg="image/main_Game_icon_f_001.png" disabled_bg="image/main_games_icon_n.png"/>

Ill try again, new to the forum…

Where do i find this file?

Regards :slight_smile:


Thanx Joey…

But where to put the files? just in the theme folder, or?

Sorry if im asking stupid questions :frowning:

Man, im stupid…

That XML file was in the theme, so so sorry…