TITAN LIVE *1.5.XX Now Available for 2.01.86*

Hi Guys I need your help.

How I can link this them to the default Grid Them?

For example. If i click the videos tile in the grid main menu. It will display the video folder using this them instead of the default Mochi theme.

Looking forward to your help.


NightwingG from the Philippines.

Hi dribbler - nice theme.  I’ve uploaded to the latest firmware version for WD and the thumbnails for each movie do not show.  The folder image shows and the xx_sheet.jpg shows, but the xx_cover.jpg or the xx.jpg does not.

While I know this isn’t a Titan theme issue, i though you might know how to get those images to disaplay; other than to rollback the firmware.

Lasr question - when using ThumbGen, which profile do you recommend so the images show up perfectly with your theme?

Appreciate any help.


Question: I have not updated to 2.01.86 yet after reading about all the bugs , I am still running the previous Firmware but I was wondering if I do update do I need to update Titan to ? I ask because the titan version I am running is 1.5.35 which i have had installed for a month or two and works fine I thought a new version would have a new number like 1.5.36 or something ? Thanks

1.5.35 should work ok on the latest Western Digital firmware update … (anyone out there, can you confirm ?)

if it doesent, then it’s up the forum member author ( dribbler) or anyone else to provide an update with any fixes that may be needed.

Remember theme’s are ‘user submitted content’  and don’t always get updated to co-incide with a Western Digital Firmware Update.

Hi all

Another newb question!

I have jsut downloaded the latest Titan Theme and uploaded to my WDTV Live.

However the icons / pictures on the Home screen seem to be at the bottom of my screen.

As such, when selcting one I only see half the text and never the full picture.

Is there a way of amending this? does it require editing of certain files / pcitures?

thanks in advance.

try re-installing (uploading) the theme … and /or try a different web browser ie. Chrome, Firefox

Thanks will give it a go!

its been re-uploaded 3 times now, each time the icons are at the very bottom of the screen.

 Will try with Chrome

Did you “Apply” the theme. After you install it you need to click on Apply Theme.

After you apply the theme, do not forget to cold restart your western digital player.  You can achieve this by long pressing the power button on the remote or by simply unplugging the power from the western digital box, waiting 10 seconds, and powering it back on.  

I noticed some themes will look messed up or not fully apllied until after you give the device a full restart.

Hope this helps,


Hi lukain,

I have been running Titan 1.5.35 now with the 2.01.86 for a week or so with no issues with my WDTVLive SMP and then updated to the latest firmware.  I actually had Titan installed initially with the firmware 2.01.86 and then upgraded to the latest firmware: 2.02.32.

I did not mod the Titan install other than to disable backdrops.


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Thanks Frew84…

Just want to say great theme, The only Icon I was not a fan of was the movies one…

Works great on the old hub. :manhappy:

I absolutely love this theme.  I run MediaPortal on my main HTPC and have this setup in my bedroom.  I just have one question, admittedly I have no knowledge of Skinning, but I have the WDTV Media Library connected to my NAS and have a separate folder for Movies and TV Shows.  The WDTV lists them in ‘Movies’ and I was wondering if it was possible to add a TV Shows page from the homescreen to separate the two.

Thanks again for an awesome theme.


Having a separate option (or shortcut if you will) to separate Movie’s and TV Show’s is only possible on the latest firmware 2.02.32 via modifying the new “GRID UI” interface.

KAD79 did a basic one for “Titan” 


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shayno wrote:

Just want to say great theme, The only Icon I was not a fan of was the movies one…

I dig that Movies icon…can you provide a link to the PNGs?

just do a bit of photoshop or gimp editing to create a “clear ie. transparent” png …

eg. here’s one i quickly did for “Movies”  (right-click save as *.png)

And then you can use whatever picture you like

Oops forgot the non-focused one … thats requires a little more work

Thanks, I found that pic and used the PSD files from the original post…turned out great =)

IcedDog wrote:

Thanks, I found that pic and used the PSD files from the original post…turned out great =)

doh ! i didn’t see that on Page(1) …  still blind today apparently, after last night  :smileyvery-happy:

guys, impressive theme, i really love it but…

kind of a mix since i live in france and device langage set to french while theme is in english…do you know if we have translations available already or if it’s possible to work on this myself and how can i achieve this ?