TITAN LIVE *1.5.XX Now Available for 2.01.86*


Kujain, your question related to Moviesheets and these are not stored in the theme folder, they are stored in the same folder as your movies. Not all themes use Moviesheets and you don’t need special firmware to display them.

Linksheets however (and they are different from Moviesheets) are stored in the theme folder and this is where the 30MB limit or custom firmware come into play.


ronmaz wrote:

Kujain, your question related to Moviesheets and these are not stored in the theme folder, they are stored in the same folder as your movies. Not all themes use Moviesheets and you don’t need special firmware to display them.


Linksheets however (and they are different from Moviesheets) are stored in the theme folder and this is where the 30MB limit or custom firmware come into play.


Good catch ronmaz, I missunderstood  Kujain’s post. A moviesheet theme uses sheets and XMLs that can stay with the movie. Linksheets go on the WD Device itself. Both types of themes work great, just up to which theme you want to use.:smiley:


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Hey guys,

I’m having an issue whereby the main menu is just stuck at the bottom of the screen, could someone let me know how I move this to the centre?



Hi guys,

Noob here when it comes to the SMP…I am trying out the Titan theme, like it, but have a couple of questions maybe you can answer for me. I have the SMP pointed to my HTPC that stores all my movie RIPs in MKV format. The SMP can see them no problem but when I click on a folder of movies, all I see are the thumbnails of the movie. If I select a movie, I don’t see the movie synopsis or any other facts, just another blank/blue image with a movie projector icon. I see nothing like the examples shown on the first page.

Is it a setting I need to change? something else to download to the SMP? When I use my HTPC which uses Mediabrowser, I can see all the information (movie format, audio format, synopsis of the movie, actors, etc…)

Also, is there someway I can get the SMP to show ALL my movies at one time versus navigating each specific folder? Kinda hard to browse when I have to keep backing up to the folder(s) screen…

Appreciate any insight one might have…




Hello! This skin is fabulous, I would ask whether it is possible to put the information bar above the screen, or put an option on the Settings to do that. 

Since seeing subtitled movies, bar cover letters. 

Could it be? Thank you! 

Excuse me for my bad English

Translated by Google


Sorry, if I repost again, I really like to know how to do this…


Thank’s for this theme.

I have tried to delete the option for background as it is explain on the first page on the rv_gallery_browse_page.xml, but when i package the theme with the modification, and instal the new theme on my WDTV, all the theme is bad !


What’s wrong ?

How to write this update ?


Thank’s and sorry for my english.



My fav theme.

It is possible to remove meta data(genre, time, date, etc) from folder only not file.?


Genre, Time, Date etc are “Description Labels” …

If there is no available info to be displayed in these fields (as in the case of “Folders” which don’t display Metadata}

Then the Labels remain there … with no metadata info (until you navigate to “Files” which will fill out the Metadata info in the respective description labels)

You can’t “blank out or remove” the Description Labels if there is no metadata info available to display.

Kinda like XBMC i’m using at the moment … if there is no “Plot” description for a movie … The “Plot” Text Label does not get removed just because there is no info available.

So, the short answer to your question is No.


This clock might be cool to add…

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Thanks for your reply. I decied to sort by  Movies/Tv Shows. It’s better this way, I can see mutiple libraries at once.


Hey guys, absolutely LOVE this theme. Quick question, does the meta data generated for all my movies still show if I was to have no internet connection? As of now I have my media library on and have all my movies on my WD external HDD. I notcie that an .xml file is generated in each folder that I have a movie in so I was just wondering if I get to “keep” that info/thumbnail that it pulls from TMDB or if I were to go on a trip and take my equipment with me, would it need to pull all of the info again for each movie? Hope I was clear enough with my question lol thanks for the great communtiy!


You really should of just created a new thread with this questions instead of “hijacking” this thread with your question, even though you say you love this theme the question is really irrelevant to the theme.

Anyways, your answer is yes the xml(holds your movie info) and metathumb(cover art) is stored locally. The backdrops are too but they need to be downloaded first, they are downloaded when the movie is highlighted while browsing through your movies. So if it hasn’t been highlighted before there will not be backdrops for those movies.


I believe his question is relevant to the topic as context indicates the consideration of thumbnail behavior changing specifically for this theme.



Ok, I’ve officially lost my mind and the vast majority of my patience.

First, let me say I love the Titan Live theme and am certain my issue is in no way linked to it specifically. However, it is the theme I’d prefer to use having given up on Mojo for a variety of different reasons.

Let me lay out my network in case that’s important. I have 3 WDTV Live SMP devices. One device is hard wired via CAT6 back to a Netgear JGS524Ev2 switch. The other two are connected wirelessly through a Netgear R6300 router which is also connected to this switch. From the switch the data goes to my QNAP TS-421 NAS where my files are stored.

My media is stored on a 4 drive RAID5 array and shared using normal Windows File Sharing. I can play back my media just fine. I can play back MakeMKV BluRay rips over the hard wired connection and DVD rips over the wireless. What I can’t seem to do is get it to pull metadata.

I’ve tried using WDTVHubGen but can never get past the first file before it crashes with an error message “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” I tried ThumbGen which seemed to work but when I attempt to view the data on the WD TV Live SMP all I get are thumbnails. No movie info, no file specifics, nothing.

I’ve searched and searched and searched to try and find a step by step guide to how to do this. Every time I’m met with “did you try searching.” Well, yes, I did. For about 4 days now. So either I’m using the wrong search terms or I’m possibly ignorant. I’m willing to accept my own ignorance if someone out there can point me in the right direction.

Thank you.


Love the theme but… where’s the favourites bar gone? The one you would just press down on the remote and it would bring up your favourite shortcut folders? Is it there or have you just removed it?


this really is a fantastic theme. is it still being developed/updated? i havn’t seen dribbler around for quite sometime


Great job Dribbler with “TITAN LIVE *1.5.XX Now Available for 2.01.86*”.  I was able to install even though I am a bit of a newbie on WDTV Live SMP and it went in w/o a hitch.  Since then I have upgraded WD f/w to: 2.02.32 and all is working fine.

Dribbler I believe you mentioned the TITAN theme should work on WDTV Live HUB but that you had not tested and were looking for feedback.  As a FYI I was able to successfully install & apply the theme to WDTV Live HUB f/w: 3.12.13.  So far all of the Views and functionality appear to work except a minor issue that the UI in 2x7 Gallery View is a bit messed up.

WDTV Live Hub (Gallery Thumbnail View 2x7) of 9 Folders in all should be showing - Only selected 1 is showing.

If anyone has addressed this issue with the HUB please let me know.



I downloaded and installed on the WDTV Live Hub… Version 1.5.17 which works Fine :smiley:


2 things though…

Techinically speaking the 2x7 view is “Video Browse” view … not “Gallery View”

(rv_video_browse_page.xml controls the 2x7 Thumbnails … rv_gallery_browse_page.xml controls the Galley view with the Movie plot text, actors, genre etc)

The graphics on your screenshot are incorrect … the focused highlight should be BLUE

The “Video” subfolder in theme (located in “images”) should have these graphics

I would recommend re-downloading (from the link above) and reinstalling on the WDTV Live Hub


Hi Joey,

Thanks for the clarification on the view types and the advice.  Won’t be able to try your suggestions for about a week with the WDTVLiveHub unit but will give it a go then and update this forum thread with the results.



Dribbler… nice work its been a while