TITAN LIVE *1.5.XX Now Available for 2.01.86*


Thank you, thank you and thank you,  JoeySmith ,you were right now it’s perfect … almost.
My problem was with the google translation.

With tumbgen es that I can choose 3 backdrops now


Having problems with this theme I think.  The latest version doesn’t seem to show any metadata on most views.  All I see is a big thumbnail of the poster.  Is this how it is supposed to look because it doesn’t look anything like the screen shots you have posted.  Also, I don’t see any view with poster arm on the right and the metadata on the left.  Only a view with posters a the bottom and metadata (or basically NOTHING) at the top.


Firstly you will see NOTHING on most views because most views don’t show meta data… Your only going to see meta data on the gallery view… That’s how the wd firmware operates. In regards to not seeing the thumbs on the right and meta data on the left… That’s because I uploaded version 1.4.17… If you bothered to read the first post entirely you would have discovered that the .17 at the end indicates your downloading the version that has 1x7 thumbs.

The screenshots I have are exactly what is on offer… Before you make this claim as I said read the entire post… If you want the thumbs on the right then you can always download an older version that does that but be aware these versions are old and not updated to the latest firmware… They are versions .35 3x5 and .23 2x3.

On a side note to everyone, I will be uploading version 1.5.17 today… I have again bettered the weather and time with new weather icons and nicer positioning as well as vastly improving the media buttons again (didn’t like the old ones)
Also a new loading icon for something new and some bug fixes.

Now in regards to the versions, would anyone like me to include in the upload the updated versions of .23 and .35?
If so I can include the updated .xml’s and all you guys would need to do is unzip the file and rename the one you want to use to rv_gallery_browse_page



That would be awesome if you could update the .35 version dribbler, much appreciated! I would definitely enjoy that version.


1st page has now been cleaned up and updated…

For download is versions 1.5.23, 1.5.35 and 1.5.17


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Great work as usual dribbler, I’m sure everyone appreciates this new version as much as me! Thanks!


Your welcome RedRooster… I am glad your enjoying the updates of all versions :wink:


I am so happy you updated and releasing with 2x3, 3x5 and your favorite 1x7. Your theme pisses excellence. I don’t use backdrops which probably why it probably ran failry well with 3x5. Thank you so much!

I have been using your 1x7 b/c I wanted the updates and have started to like it, just wish it showed a couple more movies, lol. I think if possible a magic number 12 maybe 3x4 would be perfect.

I do have one question, I never bothered removing the line you suggested for no backdrops b/c my scraper handles it in the xml file. Would removing the line be of any benefit for loading speed?


Hi blazinsmokey,

Thanks for that… I will look into a 3x4… Could be good.

In terms of wether it would run faster without the backdrop I can only assume it would as I like the backdrops so much I have never removed them… Maybe someone that has can answer this for you.




if your movie xml’s have NO     meta tags …

i don’t think removing it it will have any affect


Version 1.5.34 to be uploaded later tonight


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Dude. You are awesome. I can’t wait to try it.


Hi guys…Sorry for the delay…

Version 1.5.34 download link page 1


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Hey dribbler, don’t suppose you’ve considered a 3x10 have you? There’d be no room for metadata obviously, and the tv/movie title in blue would still work at the top or in that bottom bar, but it would just be a wall of content with less screen scrolling. :slight_smile:

Not really requesting it(unless its super easy for you! cuz I’d love it), just wondering if you considered playing with the layout of a full screen of covers?


30 thumbnails will be quite slow (and possibly unstable) when scrolling from page to page.

SteArm did a 24 thumbnail page which could easily be ported to Titan Live



dribbler, been a couple days using the new 3x4. I think it hits the nail right on the head. Good speed and good layout. Thank you for even considering it. Cheers man.


Great theme Dribbler! Thank you for all the hard work you did to build this…it looks great and works well.

I am using the 1.5.35 version and I just had a question. I guess this question is more generic and applies to any theme, but since I am a fan of your work and you know your stuff, your thread seems the most appropriate.

I wanted to know if its possible to add more metadata on the movie info screen. I looked at your guide as well as tries to understand your xml files but its not clear what info wdtv scrapes about the movie. I used to work with ls337 moviesheet on a wdlxtv earlier which downloaded a lot more data eg. imdb ratings, actors, directors, year, video info, audio info, mpaa rating, subtitle into etc (screenshot attached). Understanding that your theme is not moviesheet-based, is it possible to get all this into into the xml file as well? If so, could you let me know the files I would need to modify to display them?

Thanks very much!


kujain wrote:> Understanding that your theme is not moviesheet-based, is it possible to get all this into into the xml file as well? If so, could you let me know the files I would need to modify to display them?


The only way to achieve what you want is use a moviesheet based theme.


Thanks for the quick reply Joey!

From what I understand, for moviesheets, I would need to upload all of the generated moviesheets to the theme folder and upload. But since I have about 2000 movies, they will surely not fall within the 35mb limit. So how would you get around this? I understand that there’s a limited wdlxtv usb hack, but I feel that the official wdtv firmware has much more capabilities and can recognize more formats with better playback controls.

Please help me understand…



1) You would definitely hit the 30MB limit long before you got even close to that many linksheets loaded using the stock firmware. Not even close. 

2) Certainly worth looking into the alternate FW (Much thanks to KAD79 for his incredible work). You may be surprised at the capabilities you would be getting. If understand correctly, the codecs are hard coded on the device, so not firmware dependent. Out of respect for this forum and WD though, you should ask the exact same question on the WDLXTV forum and I am sure you will find all the answers you are looking for. >>  http://forum.wdlxtv.com/

3) Off Topic:  Love to see the Asterix movie sheet! Great stuff. Loved the books as a kid, and have all the animated movies from the late 60s-80s. Hope you have acquired those as well. IMHO the animated ones (In French) blow away the ones with live actors, even with Gérard Depardieu. Goscinny & Uderzo made comics (graphic novels); animation was a perfect medium to get them to the big screen.

Good Luck, the answers you seek are easily found at the right forum