TITAN LIVE *1.5.XX Now Available for 2.01.86*

ElBeaner wrote:

I’ve never themed my WDTV so very much a noob, how do I do this? Just download onto a Thumb drive and plug into WDTV and select theme?

posted by Joeysmyth page 2 of thread:

To install the theme, download the zip file to your PC, open your web browser (I don’t recommend using IE9, there have been issues), then type your SMP’s IP address to open the Web UI.   Type in your password (the default is “admin”), click on the box next to “I accept” and then click on LOGIN, then click on “Appearance”, then click on “Browse” and navigate to where you saved the “Titan Live1.0.zip” file, then click on “Open”.

Click on “Submit”, then once the Web UI finishes uploading the theme, on you SMP press “Setup” on your remote, select “Appearance”, then select “User Interface Themes”, select “Titan Live1.0” then when prompted select “Apply theme”.

Very nice theme.

I assume for it to show the movie data, genre, sound/video format etc, I have to have media library turned on and give the WDTV write permissions on the server? I am using Plex Media Server and do not want the WDTV to touch my media folders.

Thanks dribbler for a great theme.

How easy would it be to change the icons on the home page eg. have another photo instead of the avatar photo for movies

Hi dribbler,

thanks for sharing this great theme, I like it a lot.

Anyway, I´m playing around a bit, basically I try to make a linksheet theme, using the linksheet just for some additional info in the list view (imdb rating, actors, flag, year etc.)

Already got that working on the linksheet side, now I have to change a few things in your xml, I have no experience there, but looking through the xml´s, many things are quite simple to understand.

As I understand it, for changing the list view I need to change rv_list_browse_page.xml.

First, I deleted the buttons on the upper right (source selection etc.), cause they are in the way, that was easy by just deleting the " " line.

Then, there´s some remote behaviour I want to change back: When the first file in the folder is selected, by pressing “up” I want the last file to be selected (“rollover”), which is the standard behaviour. Now I didn´t find out how to do this, maybe you could give me a hint? Would be very appreciated!

change …

<listbox valkey=“browselist” autoenter=“1” autoswitch=“0” move=“page” cols=“2” rows=“10” lbmask=“u”  loop_scroll=“1” turbo_trigger=“10” turbo_multi=“10” hormove=“2”/>


<listbox valkey=“browselist” autoenter=“1” autoswitch=“0” move=“page” cols=“2” rows=“10” lbmask=“HT”   loop_scroll=“1” turbo_trigger=“10” turbo_multi=“10” hormove=“2”/>

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lol … thanks a lot. After reading posts for about an hour or so I just found an entry suggesting changing lbmask to “lr”, which actually worked … now you propose “HT” … guess that will work as well, thanks :wink:

Hi dribbler, loving your theme   :smiley:


where do download this theme for

 Firmware Version 2.01.86?

Page 1 of this thread. The firmware version is irrelevant.

The 1.3.17 mentioned is the theme version number not the firmware version number.

Hi all,

I have had a lot of requests to change the home screen icons (images and text)… so to make it more easier and fun I have uploaded the Photoshop files for you guys to change every icon to whatever you wish… with some minor editing.

Ok so I will include a how to here… once you get the hang of it its pretty simple.

I will give the tutorial to change the ‘MOVIES’ icon… repeat with the other icons.

Step 1: Download the files and open them up.


Step 2: Assuming you have a new movies image, open it up with Photoshop then copy and paste it into the ‘main_xxxxxx_icon_f’ file screen… be sure its in the ‘Icons’ folder.

Step 3: Now we have the new image in the right screen its time to edit it to shape…Resize the image to be slightly bigger than the existing icons… make sure to use the % values top of screen to maintain the correct aspect ratio… and make sure its in the correct position… the image should be spilling over the blue glow to allow cutting to shape.

Step 4: now that it has been resized slightly bigger and in the right position we need to cut it to the right shape and size… you will see a layer called ‘select with magic wand tool’ highlight this layer and do exactly what it says… select it with the magic wand tool… you should see a flashing line the shape we want.

Step 5: with the flashing outline still on, highlight our resized image layer and copy and paste it… you will see a new layer above the old one to the shape we want. Delete the old original layer and your done with a shiny new image icon. Be sure to turn on the correct text to suit the icon you just made and of course it can be edited to read what you like.

Now the main icon has been edited we can easily edit the smaller side icons in 1 step.

Step 1: Copy the new main icon you just made into the ‘main_xxxxxx_icon_n’ screen and resize it to w 80% and h 80% and put it into the correct positioning… with the tint layer visible it should snap to the correct position. Be sure to turn on the correct text to suit the icon you just made and of course it can be edited to read what you like.

Last Step for both is to save the image as a jpeg into the image folder with the correct name… change ‘xxxxxx’ to ‘videos’ in this example.

Ok guys hope this is clear and you have fun changing the images to whatever pleases you.

Also to find this easier I will add it to the first post.

And one last thing… Please share your new Icons here if you wish to share.


dribbler complimenti per il tema, veramente bello.

Volevo chiederti due cose:

Nel file inc_rss_ticker.xml ho cambiato il wrapper da disabile a inabile, ora mette nella pagina principale lo spazio per gli rss ma non riesco a far comparire il testo degli rss, secondo te si può fare?

Seconda cosa volevo vorrei spostare la scritta nuovi oggetti nella home, mi puoi dire che file devo modificare?

Ciao e grazie mille.

dribbler compliments the theme, really nice.

I wanted to ask two things:

In the file inc_rss_ticker.xml I changed the wrapper to be enable and now puts the main page space to the rss but I can not bring up the text of the rss, you think you can do?

I would like to move the text “new items” in the home page, can you tell me which file I need to change?

sorry for my english
Hello and thank you very much.


Thanks Dribber not only for the theme again but also allowing us to customize your icons. Followed your instructions and came up with the following.

Just 1 other thing if you dont mind. Are you able to upload the photoshop files for the white “Movies” heading that you have at the left upper corner of the screen. Hoping to change that to also read Videos

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.53.54 pm.png

These are the MediaPortal Titan Fonts … these do look similar


OK, so I changed a lot of pictures, and I’m sure it only works for mebecause it’s all things I like, but the creator said to post pictures.  I also changed the loading icon, and some folder pictures too.

The whole thing can be downloaded here.

Here are the changes I made, as I said, they make sense to me, but others will prob not care for them.

This is my folder icon


This is what my videos look like if I don’t put a picture for them.


My loading screen is just this hat spinng around, I didn’t animate here, but it works on the WD.


Thanks again for the great theme and giving us the option to custimize it! 

Here’s some of my work :slight_smile: Thanks for this theme dribbler, I love my photoshop.

anyone can tell me how to remove the new items from video, music and pictures from home ?

thank you very much

pataranda wrote:

anyone can tell me how to remove the new items from video, music and pictures from home ?

thank you very much

Hi… as far as I am aware they cant be removed.


pataranda wrote:

anyone can tell me how to remove the new items from video, music and pictures from home ?

thank you very much

turn off media library :wink:

thank you very much, I tried it so I can see the root folder and all the others also shared the video below …
There is no way to select only the folders you want? whether or not to edit the xml file that makes me see the new items?

Grazie Gianni!

What I noticed with RSS in the new firmware the option to turn it on or off in setting is no longer there… So I am assuming it gets activated when you add a new feed and deactivated when you remove a feed??? correct me anyone if I am wrong.

I can’t myself confirm this as it wouldn’t accept any RSS address’s I tried to add so I could never see if they activated on the home screen.

Can anyone else help in regards to RSS?

Also in terms of themeing the new RSS screen, I would require the appropriate XML’s as well as all the associated images… each category has an image.