TITAN LIVE *1.5.XX Now Available for 2.01.86*

Here it is the latest theme for the WD TV Live SMP… TITAN LIVE

Titan Live is based on the spectacular theme ‘TITAN’ originally created for MediaPortal by authors ncoH and Joostzilla, so a big thank you to those guys for creating this theme in the first place.

I also would like to thank and give a mention to JoeySmyth for helping me out with all my questions… I used Joey’s Alaska theme as a starting point for this theme and you will see some elements of that.

This theme is running on Firmware Version 2.01.86

I have gone into a lot of detail with this theme so I hope whoever downloads it enjoys it.

I have tried to theme every Settings screen but may have missed some as your own configuration depends on what screen is displayed… I have done my best to cover what I could see.

Here are some screenshots… ENJOY!

Home Screen

Version 1.5.35

Version 1.5.34

Version 1.5.23

Version 1.5.17

Options Screen

Music Screen

Album/Now Playing Screen


Settings Screen



Version 1.5.35


Version 1.5.34


Version 1.5.23


Version 1.5.17


ENJOY! :slight_smile:



If you prefer to not have the backdrops showing then go into rv_gallery_browse_page.xml (all versions) and delete the line… <image image="@@preview_rect_image" textcolor="@@preview_rect_color" keycolor=“1” bg=“1” />


Here you can change the home screen icons to whatever you like :slight_smile:

I have had a lot of requests to change the home screen icons (images and text)… so to make it more easier and fun I have uploaded the Photoshop files for you guys to change every icon to whatever you wish… with some minor editing.

Ok so I will include a how to here… once you get the hang of it its pretty simple.

I will give the tutorial to change the ‘MOVIES’ icon… repeat with the other icons.

Step 1: Download the files and open them up.


Step 2: Assuming you have a new movies image, open it up with Photoshop then copy and paste it into the ‘main_xxxxxx_icon_f’ file screen… be sure its in the ‘Icons’ folder.

Step 3: Now we have the new image in the right screen its time to edit it to shape…Resize the image to be slightly bigger than the existing icons… make sure to use the % values top of screen to maintain the correct aspect ratio… and make sure its in the correct position… the image should be spilling over the blue glow to allow cutting to shape.

Step 4: now that it has been resized slightly bigger and in the right position we need to cut it to the right shape and size… you will see a layer called ‘select with magic wand tool’ highlight this layer and do exactly what it says… select it with the magic wand tool… you should see a flashing line the shape we want.

Step 5: with the flashing outline still on, highlight our resized image layer and copy and paste it… you will see a new layer above the old one to the shape we want. Delete the old original layer and your done with a shiny new image icon. Be sure to turn on the correct text to suit the icon you just made and of course it can be edited to read what you like.

Now the main icon has been edited we can easily edit the smaller side icons in 1 step.

Step 1: Copy the new main icon you just made into the ‘main_xxxxxx_icon_n’ screen and resize it to w 80% and h 80% and put it into the correct positioning… with the tint layer visible it should snap to the correct position. Be sure to turn on the correct text to suit the icon you just made and of course it can be edited to read what you like.

Last Step for both is to save the image as a jpeg into the image folder with the correct name… change ‘xxxxxx’ to ‘videos’ in this example.

Ok guys hope this is clear and you have fun changing the images to whatever pleases you.

And one last thing… Please share your new Icons here if you wish to share.

ENJOY! :slight_smile:


Time to download! Pics not working btw

pics are displaying now :wink:

Thanks Joey :slight_smile:

Wow, nice theme, can we use this on the Wdtv live hub, hope it can, good work,

You did an awesome theme… Good Job

ok, this one’s too nice to sit back and say nothing

@dribbler, this is really nice !! :slight_smile:

the fam instantly loved it

of coarse my next coarse of action is to linksheets this

Wow, my new favourite screen. One questions, how can I disable the backdrops of the 3x4 gallery view. This view is very slow.

Why are the backdrops actually shown? Because in the XML-file I have lines like this?


Thanks for your comments everyone… glad to see you guys like.

This should work on the hub… Someone will correct me if I am wrong.

To remove the the movie backdrop from the gallery view simply go into

rv_gallery_browse_page.xml and remove the follwing line

<image image="@@preview_rect_image" default_image="@@default_preview_rect_image" x=“0” y=“0” w=“1280” h=“720” textcolor="@@preview_rect_color" keycolor=“1” ignore_keycolor=“1” bg=“1”/>


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Why can’t I download. the link just takes me to adverts for other downloads

you probably have no script or some other blocker running

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Thanks KAD79

Downloaded through google chrome. Why explorers has gone haywire I don’t know.

Thanks again Paul

I removed all backdrops from the xml files, and the gallery view is faster now. But navigation is still pretty slow.

Is there a way to improve this. My movie thumbs are already limited to 70k. Actually as far I can remember the Alaska Resurface theme was also a little bit faster. May it has something to do with the delay when the movie details are shown at the left side.

I noticed a little slowness as well, particularly once I added 1280 x 720 linksheets

but it’s I can live with it

I noticed there’s quite a bit of scaling done, well at least in rv large thumb view

I suspect, disabling this would improve speed

but would cause havock with the layout,

all the xml values would have to be reworked,

I’m not entirely convinced it’s worth that much work for a minor speed improvement

I’d like to try this but I’ve never downloaded anything on my WDTV Live before.


To install the theme, download the zip file to your PC, open your web browser (I don’t recommend using IE9, there have been issues), then type your SMP’s IP address to open the Web UI.   Type in your password (the default is “admin”), click on the box next to “I accept” and then click on LOGIN, then click on “Appearance”, then click on “Browse” and navigate to where you saved the “Titan Live1.0.zip” file, then click on “Open”.

Click on “Submit”, then once the Web UI finishes uploading the theme, on you SMP press “Setup” on your remote, select “Appearance”, then select “User Interface Themes”, select “Titan Live1.0” then when prompted select “Apply theme”.


Love this theme, thanks alot for the work you put in to crerate this.

Hi everyone… Please find notes and a link to Titan Live 1.1 on the first page.

Nice Theme dribbler ! :smiley:

Happy i could help

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Hi  dribbler

this is a beautiful hardly job. I love this theme much.

There is a little mistake in main menu when i select “PICTURE”.  The text of selected item is show in lower case. 

Thank’s for your job.