Tired of this unreliable product

I has been facing performance issues with this product and problems reading my usb3 disk drives. at the end, I try to use it just as a backup taking into consideration the performance problems (20 - 25 MBs write speed) and try to live it with it.

But now i’m facing more problems, and now I cannot wait another day to send this device back to Amazon:

1-) using the unit as a basic NAS with a WD TV LiveHub when the NAS shares just dissapear!

2-) the unit respond to pings but I’m unable to connect it via web interface.

3-) shutdown by pressing power button is not working. Shutting down now or similar message appear on LCD but the process is never complete

I cannot work with an unreliable product. Just ready to send the unit back to amazon and go back to Synology.


I think you should contact support to get assistance with this.

General Phone Support

Get use to these issues. Wd mycloud is the worst system on the market. Flawed with so many problems yet the company doesn’t provide updates to fix them

I actually had those same issues and I just happened to have posted the solutions. http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud-EX4/How-I-fixed-some-of-the-problems-post-being-disgruntled/td-p/717044