Tips to run blu ray remux/iso wireless without stuttering

Just wanted to share my experience because it took me quite some pain to make it work.

1 - Make sure that your server, NAS or router with usb ports, is able to read 60mbps (7.5 mb/s) consistently.

2 - Use NFS linux shared protocol (Windows SMB is too slow, some blu-rays have peaks over 50mbps)

3 - Use a wired access point on the more stable 5 GHZ band

Hope this can help.

2- Can’t say I agree with that – I’ve never used NFS due to its lack of security – I’ve always used SMB and never had issues streaming multiple Blu-rays simultaneously to multiple WD’s…

I do agree with 1 & 3…

I can read most of my movie database using SMB but on some of my highest bit rates movies I still get annoying stuttering/freeze. While it runs perfect with NFS.

Some benchmarks :

I play HD content all the time over SMB, both wired and wireless (not 5 GHz) all the time without issue.

Just want to point out the difference in bitrate between BD rip and BD iso / remux. I’m talking of full bitrates ISO here.