Tips on connecting a WD5000LPVX to a normal desktop PC

PLS Help: I’ve got a WD5000LPVX from an Asus laptop. The laptop has died and won’t start anymore. I suspect the mainboard is dead. I’ve removed the harddisk in an attempt to transfer the data on it to one of my disks in my desktop-system.
The desktop system uses ‘normal’ SATA cables and/or USB2/3. On removing the drive I found it has somewhat distinctive SATA connector, specifically designed for the low-profile drives so they can fit a Ultrabook. The connector on this drive is a SFF-8784 SATA connector.
I’ve been looking around on the 'Net and trying to find a cable for this type of connector.

Does anyone (from WD ?) have an idea for a useable solution to connect this harddrive to my desktop system ?

Thanks in advance,


As a recommendation, try creating a case with support to see if they can provide you any information about it. Please note that this is a user to user community.

Thanks ERmorel for the recommendation. I’ll try that.

P.S.: I was aware of the user2user paradigm of this community, but you can always hope that WD is looking also at it’s users and their discussions :wink: