Tip for if your WD My Book does not show the unlocker at all when connected

I had this problem a while ago, where the Unlocker does not appear at all and the drive itself is nowhere to be seen. Even if you are not using a password, WD Security will tell you 5 failed attempts. I thought there was a damage done to the hardware and that all my files were lost forever due to hardware encryption.

After trying so many things, I managed to get the Unlocker to appear again, a relief. This is what I did, I downloaded “Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows” from WD and I run this program when I plug in the usb cable, if the Unlocker does not appear, then close the program and just run it again, it will start searching for drives and if lucky the Unlcoker will appear after that. If it didn’t work yet, just unplug the usb, close the program and try again until it works! I swear it always works when I do this trick. Something about the program searching for the drive wakes it up…

Maybe it’s just a correlation, but somehow it always works when I use that program so I wanted to share this to others who are having the same problem and perhaps this will help. This problem started a month ago, and it is still there, sometimes the drive works immediately when plugged in, and other times I have to do the trick. I have no idea what causes the problem.

Hi kolozz,

This sounds great but you can also try to setup the WD Security software (just to be in safe side ) on your computer.
Refer the links below for assistance: