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Hey Tin,

Using your mojo 1.09.08 msp, on the rv_preview_browse.xml, Im tring to modify the area which displays  - Genre, file size and type, the question is, Ive eliminated  those areas and try to add  overview,  time and left genre in, for some reason I cant display the data needed.  Ive use a subset of your code in rx_galley_browse_page section, which has the info/code needed and for the love of god it wont work. any help ideas etc…

Also, on your, rx_galley_browse_page section , Ive notice on the name of the movie displays for example A-Team, on the other pages/xmls’s  (which I havent play with yet )it would say A-Team.m4v any thoughts, congfig issues etc…

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Well, unfortunately you can’t do what you want.  If it were possible I would have already done it.:smileyvery-happy:

The problem is that every view has it’s own variables set that it understands and although you can use some of the same variables for every view, most of the variables will only work for view that normally use those variables.

That is the case with overview and time (actors and director also), these variables are only recognized in the Gallery view and want work for any other view.

Also, because none of the other views pull the data from the metadata xml you can’t display title like you can in the Gallery view.  The other view will only display the file name and extension.

First thanks for the feedback,

wow, such a great product, with some silly limitations, and when you start to decipher the code in each XML, it looks like it has been written by multiple individuals who didn’t relate to each other too…

FYI, have you tried doing it as a inc function??, similar to the weather.xml, just curious, don’t want to start something if you have done it before, with reinventing the wheel… just curious:smiley:

thanks again

Yeah, trying to use it as an “inc” xml will result in the same thing.  The “inc” are just xmls that all the views can display, just set outside the views xml.  You can actually add the code from an “inc” in the views xml and it will still work, the “inc” is just a way to keep from having to write the same code in all the xmls.

If you try to use the “inc” method to display a variable that the view doesn’t understand you will run into the same problem.


Also, because none of the other views pull the data from the metadata xml you can’t display title like you can in the Gallery view.  The other view will only display the file name and extension.

Sorry, that’s not 100% correct.

The above statement is correct if you use ‘Thumbgen’ to create the XML and Moviesheet.

However… if you use the Live Hub’s Built in scraper then the File Extension is Gone in All Views.

Latest Dvd Captured Screenshots (These pictures are NOT Mockups, they are the real deal) on my thread (of the Keyboard mod) are evidence of this.  (using Firmware 2.04.13)

There is no file extension in Large Video Browse and  List View shown. (this also applies to Preview and Video Browse…not shown)


I just created the Moviesheets with Thumbgen and then used the Hubs scraper and replaced the thumbnail it generated with the Moviesheet i created with Thumbgen. 

Yeah, your right and I should have mentioned that it was for user added xml data.  But since that requires multiple steps to acquire the data, most aren’t going to do that.

Also, if it still stands as it did before (I haven’t used the “get info” function in a long time), you will lose that if you ever have to clear the media library.

enlighten me guys, what did I miss here, since Im a novice in the wd club

Well, this basically only affects how the file name is displayed.

What happens is if you the “Get Info” function on the HUB, then it caches the metadata for that file and pulls the information from the cache to display the metadata.  The result is that it will display the “Title” of your movie for all views rather than displaying the file name/extension.

However it only works if you use the “Get Info” function on the HUB.  If you add the metadata xml yourself or use something like Thumbgen to add the metadata, then the HUB does not cache the info and only the Gallery View will pull the data from the actual xml file and only it will display the “Title” name, but all other views will display the file name/extension.

So to get it to work correctly, you would have to first use the “Get Info” function on the HUB, then go back and generate your thumbnails and moviesheets with Thumbgen.  Basically you would have to preform double duty on every file that you have.  Besides that being a pain, the other downfall of this is that if you ever have to clear the media library (which clears the cache), then you will lose that ability and all your xmls will be just as though you added them with Thumbgen because it will not re-cache the info.